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1. Program Description and Purpose

Provide a narrative overview of the proposed (or revised) program that includes the following:

  1. Provide a brief description of the program as it will appear in the institution’s catalog.
  2. List educational and (if appropriate) career outcomes. Describe any specific curricular features that incorporate rigorous academic and career preparation.
  3. Describe how the program fits with and advances the institution’s mission, vision, values and reputation.
  4. Describe how this program contributes to RIT’s strategic plan priorities and key result areas.
  5. Describe curricular features that:
    • facilitate and support student and faculty scholarship, research and creativit
    • address emerging disciplines
  6. Excepting general education requirements, describe and list documented curricular interconnections and integration between this program and other disciplines, programs and colleges at the University (e.g., minors, concentrations, BS/MS options).
  7. Describe the role of faculty in the program’s design.
  8. Describe the input by external partners, if any (e.g., employers and institutions offering further education).  In your response, draw from the information you have solicited from external partners reported in Appendix D.
  9. Provide enrollment projections for Year 1 through Year 5. (In arriving at these projected enrollments, consult with Enrollment Management and include documentation from Enrollment Management and Career Services in Appendix B which explains the underlying enrollment assumptions and projection model.
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