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#2. Getting Started: Concept Paper

  • Concept Paper Process: Undergraduate Degree
  • Concept Paper Process: Masters Degree
  • Concept Paper Process: Doctoral Degree
  • Concept Paper Template for New Degree Program Proposals
    • Include contact name and e-mail address for proposer with the Title/Department/College information so reviewers can address questions to the appropriate individual
  • Concept Paper Budget Template
  • Concept Paper Resubmission Guidance:
    • Proposers wishing to resubmit a concept paper not approved to move to a full program proposal, should prepare a new concept paper submission and submit it for posting according to the vetting process outlined on the "Getting Started: Concept Paper" section of the Academic Program and Curriculum Management website.  The revised concept paper should clearly reflect the feedback provided by the Provost during the first review cycle. No resubmitted concept paper is likely to be approved unless significant changes are made.
  • From Concept Paper to Full Program Development Guidance:
    • It can be expected that new program development will undergo some change as faculty move from concept paper to full proposal development. If significant changes are made to the intent, scope, or direction of the new program as expressed in the original concept paper, faculty are advised to highlight what these changes are and address the rationale for the changes in the final program proposal.


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