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2. Program Courses and Schedule

  1. Using Table 1a for undergraduate programs or Table 1b for graduate programs, list all required and elective courses in the program and show how a typical student would progress through the program.
  2. Identify courses on Table 1 that satisfy RIT’s General Education Framework. Use the following identifiers and terminology (next to each course listed):
  1. Foundation Courses
    1. First Year Writing: LAS Foundation 1
    2. LAS Foundation Elective 2
  2. Perspectives
    1. LAS Perspective 1 (Ethical)
    2. LAS Perspective 2 (Artistic)
    3. LAS Perspective 3 (Global
    4. LAS Perspective 4 (Social)
    5. LAS Perspective 5 (Natural Science Inquiry) – must have lab component
    6. LAS Perspective 6 (Scientific Principles)
    7. LAS Perspective 7A (Mathematical)
    8. LAS Perspective 7B (Mathematical)
  3. Immersion
    1. LAS Immersion 1
    2. LAS immersion 2
    3. LAS Immersion 3
  4. General Education Electives
  5. Wellness Education
  1. For every required course provided by a department other than the program’s home department, provide a memo of support in Appendix C from that department, which includes an estimate of incremental costs for offering additional sections or new courses for the proposed program. 
  2. If the program will be offered through a non-traditional schedule (e.g., off-campus, on-line, etc.), provide a brief explanation of the schedule, including its impact on financial aid eligibility.
  3. For existing courses that are part of the major, submit a copy of the current catalog description.
  4. For all new courses, provide course outlines in the major using RIT’s New or Revised Course Outline Form. (Form is available in Appendix A, RIT’s New or Revised Course Outline Form. Course outlines should include a course description, course credit, objectives, topics, student outcomes, texts/resources and basis for determining grades.
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