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4. Financial Resources and Instructional Facilities

  1. Summarize the instructional facilities and equipment needed to ensure the success of the program including:
    1. Space – Summarize space needs and incremental costs. Please review Division of Academic Affairs Policy and Procedures for Allocation and Utilization of Space (available on Academic Affairs Website) and complete Allocation for Space Request Form, Appendix E.
    2. If this program will share lab or studio space/equipment with other programs, please note that here and provide documentation of agreement in Appendix C (below).
    3. Equipment (renewal / replacement costs and schedule)
    4. Computer facilities
    5. Other space and equipment
  2. Complete Table 5 after consultation with RIT Finance and Administration and the preparation by them of the new program financial projections in Appendix G (below).  These projections include incremental resources needed including personnel (faculty and support personnel [administrative, secretarial, technical, teaching/research assistants]), General Education sections needed, library, equipment, laboratories, supplies and expenses; capital expenditures.
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