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#4. Doctoral Program Proposal Preparation

  • Include all of the following additional information in proposal as appendices:
  • Appendix A: Course Outlines for New Courses
  • Appendix B: Enrollment and Market Analysis
    • Anticipated Graduation Rate
    • Competing Regional and National Programs
    • Anticipated Geographic Draw
  • Appendix C: Internal Support Letters
    • Include letters of support
    • Include impact statement and internal agreements that identify impact of program on current resources and/or agreements related to shared resources
    • Include letters of support from individuals identified to provide testimony and evidence for program need and impact
  • Complete RIT Request for Allocation or Renovation of Space Form
  • Appendix D: External Letters of Support
  • Appendix E: Space Allocation/Renovation Request
  • Attachment 1: Site Visit Team Report and Institutional Response to be added after Site Visit but before Grad Council Review.
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