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#5. Site Review and Institutional Response - (This precedes proposal review by Grad Council)

  • The External Reviewers Site Visit is arranged by RIT. Normally the Dean of the unit preparing the Doctoral Program makes all arrangements in collaboration with the Office of the Sr. Associate Provost.
  • A site visit is typically 1 - 2 days in length and involves appropriate interviews, document review, and institutional orientation.
  • A single team report by NYSED Site Visitors is preferred
  • Site visitors are asked to evaluate the “quality and viability of the proposed program in terms of governance, curriculum, faculty, students, facilities and resources” and should be directed to use the Instructions and Report Form of Doctoral Program Proposals Instructions and Report Form for Evaluation of Doctoral Program Proposals
  • It is helpful to review factors to be considered in Evaluation of Doctoral Program Proposals as guidance in preparing proposal (pg. 22 "Steps in Review of Doctoral Program Proposals")
  • The institution is required to submit its response to the site visit report, fully addressing any concerns raised by the reviewers, (e.g., if the program were found to lack sufficient core faculty, the institution would need to appoint appropriate faculty, provide Curricula Vitae and solicit the site visitors’ comments on the adequacy of the new faculty coverage).
  • The Site Visit Team Report and Institutional response become part of the proposal package reviewed by Grad Council and Academic Senate.
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