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  • Step #1: Review changes and adaptations that require State Education Department Approval as described on the NYSED Change or Adapt a Registered Program Form.
  • Step #2: If the only change to a currently registered program is the addition or deletion of courses (less than 33 1/3%), re-registration with NYSED is NOT required. Go directly to the Adding/Deleting Courses directions. You do not need to follow steps 3-8 below.
  • Step #3: Please refer to Curricular Action Approval Process Chart to determine which curriculum review body approval is needed for the type of curricular change being proposed.
  • Step #4: Complete the NYSED Change or Adapt a Registered Program Form.
  • Step #5: Make appropriate changes to Table 1 document(s) already on file in the college and forward an updated table 1 document(s) to the Office of the Senior Associate Provost.
  • Step #6:Be sure changes are reviewed and approved by required curriculum review bodies.
  • Step #7:  Submit materials with Department and College support letters to next approving body as detailed on the Curricular Action Approval Process Chart. Depending on the curricular action, this is either the ICC/Grad Council or the Senior Associate Provost.
  • Step #8: Following review, Senior Associate Provost forwards materials to Provost for approval and then to NYSED for review and approval.
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