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Academic Senate Agendas
~ All faculty, staff & students are welcome ~
[Please contact the Academic Senate office if you need an interpreter]
Academic Senate of Rochester Institute of Technology                                                                                                               
Thursday, February 23, 2017                           12:00 - 1:50 PM                                SLA (CIMS)/2230/2240
Item Time Topic Level Presenter(s) Notes
1 12:05 Call to Order    Collison  
2 12:05 Communications Officer Report A  Chiavaroli  
3 12:05 Executive Committee Report I  Collison  
4       12:10                                     Faculty Affairs Committee (Policies E2/E3 and E5/E6) I/D/A          *Pelz  
5            1:05 Long Range Planning & Environment Committee Interim Report I               *ogilvie  
6 1:30 Any Other Business      
7 1:50 Adjournment   Collison  
Level: I = Information, D = Discussion,  A = Action

* Jeff Pelz, Chair, Faculty Affairs Committe
* Dr. dt ogilvie, Long Range Planning & Environment Committee, Chair






4.1 The Academic Senate shall be the legislative and representative agency of the faculty.

4.2 The Senate is empowered to formulate legislation in areas of academic policy affecting 
    more than one college of the university { cf.Article III, 3.1, above }.The legislative
    decisions of the Senate are submitted to the provost for further action. 

4.3 The Senate shall also offer advice and recommendation covering other matters of 
    university welfare { cf. Article III, 3.2, above }.Its advice and recommendations are 
    submitted to the relevant vice president, the provost, or the University Council.

4.4 The Senate shall act upon other resolutions, recommendations, or proposals submitted by 
    the faculty of any college, department, or committee of the Senate and pertaining to the 
    academic governance or the general welfare of the university.

4.5 The Senate may enact and amend its own bylaws.