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Academic Senate

Eisenhart Nomination Committees
AY 2015-16


NOTE: Student Members per group, one from each college represented in that group need to be selected from among the committee members (one from each college) by Fall 2015. Group 1 will have three student representatives as CHST is the additional college that has representation on Eisenhart.

GROUP 1 (KGCOE/SCB/CHST/One AS Appointee/Three Student Members)
Michael Jackson, x5-2828, Co-Chair 2015-2017
Benjamin Varela, x5-4737, Co-Chair 2015-2016
Steven Gold, x5-2318 2015-2017
Erhan Mergen, x5-6143 2014-2016
Cara Calvelli, x5-7486 2015-2017
Appointee from the Academic Senate
Hany Ghoneim(KGCOE), x5-6414 2015-2017
Student Representatives
Alison Schermerhorn, SCB AY2015
Allison Unger, CHST AY2015
GROUP 2 (GCCIS/NTID/One AS Appointee/Two Student Members)
Ivona Bezakova, x5-4526, Chair 2014-2016
Fereydoun Kazemian, x5-2622 2015-2017
Christopher Kurz,286-4611 vp caknspo@rit.ed 2015-2017
Karen Tobin, x5-7674, Co-Chair 2014-2016
Appointee from the Academic Senate
Catherine Beaton, x5-4874 2015-2016
Student Representatives
Connor Adsit, GCCIS AY2015
Mark Gjestvang, NTID AY2015
GROUP 3 (CIAS/COS/One AS Appointee/Two Student Members)
[Will include GIS nominees]
Ricardo Figueroa, x5-2745 2015-2017
Susan Lakin, x5-2746 2014-2016
Tina Goudreau, x5-2634, Chair 2014-2016
Darren Narayan, x5-2514 2015-2017
Appointee from the Academic Senate
Jim Moon, x5-7927 2015-2016
Student Representatives
Nnamdi Akporji, COS AY2015
Kyra Krenitsky, CIAS AY2015
GROUP 4 (CAST/CLA/One AS Appointee/Two Student Members)
[Will include CMS nominees]
Richard Cliver, x5-2693, Co-Chair 2015-2017
Changfeng Ge, x5-5391 2015-2016
Bridget Gleeson, x5-4408, Chair 2014-2016
Tony Smith, x5-4408 2015-2017
Appointee from the Academic Senate
Steve Zilora, x5-7643 2015-2016
Student Representatives
Michael Barnard, CLA AY2015
Kuanju (Jerry) Chen, CAST AY2015