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Academic Senate

Eisenhart Nomination Committees
AY 2013-14


NOTE: Student Members per group, one from each college represented in that group need to be selected from among the committee members (one from each college) by Fall 2013. Group 1 will have three student representatives as CHST is the additional college that has representation on Eisenhart.

GROUP 1 (CLA/KGCOE/CHST/AS Appointee/Three Student Members)
Brian Barry, Co-Chair 2013-2014
Judy Porter, Co-Chair 2013-2015
Jim Moon 2012-2014
Benjamin Varela 2013-2015
Cara Calvelli 2013-2015
Appointee from the Academic Senate
James Vallino 2013-2015
Student Representatives
Emilie Liddle (CHST) 2013-2014
Aaron Pentheny (CLA) 2013-2014
Jason Lowden (KGCOE) 2013-2014
GROUP 2 (COS/GCCIS/AS Appointee/Two Student Members)
Bernie Brooks, Co-Chair 2012-2014
Larry Buckley 2013-2015
Dan Bogaard, Chair 2012-2014
Fereydoun Kazemian 2013-2014
Appointee from the Academic Senate
Neil Hair 2012-2014
Student Representatives
Nicolas Joerger (GCCIS) 2013-2014
Matt Howell (COS) 2013-2014
GROUP 3 (CIAS/NTID/GIS/AS Appointee/Two Student Members)
Michael Amy, Chair 2013-2014
Frank Cost 2013-2015
Julie Cammeron 2012-2014
Jess Cuculick, Co-Chair 2013-2015
Appointee from the Academic Senate
Vinny Gupta 2013-2014
Student Representatives
Keith Banks (NTID) 2013-2014
Danielle Smith (CIAS) 2013-2014
GROUP 4 (CAST/SCB/AS Appointee/Two Student Members)
Changfeng Ge, Co-chair 2013-2014
Linda Underhill 2013-2015
Erhan Mergen 2012-2014
Ashok Robin, Chair 2013-2014
Appointee from the Academic Senate
Steve Zilora 2013-2015
Student Representatives
Christian Fortuna (CAST) 2013-2014
Jesus Guzmar (SCB) 2013-2014