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Policy E24.0 - Faculty Grievance Procedure

Name Email ID Term
Jack Beck (CIAS), Associate Professor 2016-2019 (2nd Term)
Hamad Ghazle (CHST), Full Professor (Chair) 2016-2019 (1st Term)
James Heliotis (GCCIS), Full Professor jeh© 2015-2018 (1st Term)  
Ed Mineck (NTID), Full Professor 2017-2020 (2nd Term)
Bolaji Thomas (CHST), Associate Professor 2015-2018 (1st Term)
Alternates (Need one more full professor alternate)
Mark Indelicato (CAST), Associate Professor 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Michael Kotlarchyk (COS) Full Professor 2015-2018 (1st Term)
Michael Laver (CLA) Associate Professor 2017-2020 (1st Term)