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Academic Senate

Committee on Academic Support and Student Affairs


Shirley Bower (Provost's Delegate) Open
Ashley Carrington (SG President) 2014-2015
Juan Cockburn (KGCOE) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Hamad Ghazle (CHST) 2013-2015 (2nd Term)
Glen Hintz (CIAS) 2014-2016 (2nd Term)
Andre Hudson (COS) 2014-2016 (1st Term)
Alan Raisanen (CAST) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Lindsay Schenkel (CLA) 2013-2015 (2nd Term)
Zhi Tang (SCB) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Linwei Wang (GCCIS) 2014-2016 (1st Term)
Shaun Foster (CIAS, At Large) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Wiley McKinzie (GCCIS, At Large) AY2014 (Completing A. Mondragon's final year.)
Robert Stevens (KGCOE, At Large) 2014-2016 (1st Term)

Four students representatives which includes the SG President, or his or her delegate.

VP for Student Affairs or his or her delegate (ex officio, voting)