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Academic Senate

Campus Environment Committee's Charges

The Campus Environment Committee shall monitor the physical state of the university as it influences the academic mission and report to the Senate on deficiencies and proposed initiatives. The Campus Environment Committee shall consist of eight members, each to be elected by his or her collegial faculty, one member of the educational development faculty elected by that group, three members at large elected by the Academic Senate, and the Vice President of Finance and Administration or his or her delegate (ex-officio, voting).

  1. Review how RIT can better utilize/promote its campus resources (managed spaces, wetlands, forests and agricultural fields) to enhance the learning experience of students and visitors to campus.
  2. The committee has developed a survey with questions based on a map of the campus super block. The intention is to better understand how and with what frequency the various natural areas on campus are utilized. The survey tool is still being finalized and the questions need to be reviewed by the IRB before the survey can be disseminated. Continue to work on this survey and its analysis for AY 2013-14.
  3. Continue to consider ways in which the CEC can reach out to campus groups involved in environmental and sustainability initiatives to improve communication and coordination between these groups.
  4. Clarify the role of the ex-officio Senior Sustainability Advisor to the Institute on the Campus Environment Committee.
  5. Clarify the definition of sustainability and identify the sustainable practices on campus that have been developed over the past five years.
  6. Explore the formation of a health and safety committee (or subcommittee) composed of faculty, staff and students as a way to monitor, solicit and address health and safety matters on the RIT campus.