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The membership of the IWC shall include: a college faculty representative from each college to be elected by his or her collegial faculty; one representative elected at large by the Academic Senate; the Writing Program Director; one representative from the Academic Support Center, and the English Language Center; and the Provost or his or her delegate (ex-officio, voting) and the committee representation should reflect the composition of college representation on ICC. Representatives will serve staggered three-year terms with the possibility of reappointment.


Andrea Hickerson/Mike Palanski, Co-Chairs
Provost Jeremy Haefner or his Delegate Open Term
Cathy Beaton (GCCIS) 2014-2017 (1st Term)
Steven Day (KGCOE) 2014-2017 (1st Term)
Mike Eastman (CAST) 2014-2017 (1st Term)
Andrea Hickerson (CLA), Co-Chair 2015-2018 (1st Term)
Dawn Hollenbeck (ICC Chair) Ex Officio, non-voting
Lorraine Justice (CIAS Dean) 2016-2018 (Completing Dr Palmer’s Term)
Pamela Kincheloe (NTID) 2014-2017 (1st Term)
Carl Lutzer (COS) 2014-2017 (2nd Term)
David Martins, University Writing Program Director [Provost’s Delegate] Open Term 
Michael Palanski (SCB), Co-Chair 2015-2018 (2nd Term)
Philippa Thiuri (Senior Director, ASC) Open Term
Sarah Thompson (CIAS) 2014-2017 (2nd Term)
Nancy Valentage (CHST) 2014-2017 (2nd Term)
Stanley Van Horn (ELC Director) Open Term
Dianna Winslow Open Term (First Year Writing Program Director)