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Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLC) are based on students' interests. A group of 10-30 students with a common interest in the topic area will all be housed on the same floor in a residence hall. LLC students will live close enough to be able to connect with other LLC students but also have the opportunity to meet and interact with other students.

Students will then spend the year exploring the topic area, guided by the RIT faculty and staff that coordinate the LLC. LLC's will have organized activities that might include a class, guest lecturers, community service projects, outings to explore Rochester and many social events.

Living Learning Communities include:

University Studies Program - an option for USP students to live together as they make the journey to their choice of major (must be enrolled in USP, first year students only)

Entrepreneur Hall - (by application, upperclassmen, any major)


University Studies Program Living Learning Community

The mission of the University Studies Program LLC is to create a socially and academically supportive environment for students who are undecided about their major.

Members of the University Studies Program LLC will have the opportunity to participate in the following experiences:

  • Events and activities that will connect advisors and students outside of their required academic meetings
  • Build a peer network that enhances a supportive living and learning environment
  • Leadership and service opportunities that enhance the RIT community and its constituents
  • Out-of-class activities to supplement learning that will
    • Help in the quest to find a major
    • Make the university seem smaller and more familiar
    • Help students get to know faculty and staff at RIT
    • Broaden students' circle of friends and their learning experiences

By participating in the University Studies Program LLC, students will engage in the campus community and deepen knowledge and/or improve skills in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of personal interests, values, and goals that will facilitate the selection of an academic major at RIT
  • Emotional and social intelligence related to the exploration of careers and/or occupations of interest
  • Ability to relate personal interests and strengths and how they may or may not be compatible with various academic majors at RIT

Who will you work with?

You will work with approximately 50 University Studies Program LLC freshman.  You will also work with a select group of RIT professionals including:

Name Title
Stephanie Krebbeks Residence Coordinator, Center for Residence Life
Dewey Lawrence Senior Academic Advisor, University Studies Program
Marty Burris Director, University Studies Program
Angelo Fuino Assistant Director, University Studies Program

Housing Selection Instructions

University Studies Program

University Studies Program (USP) students in the living learning community will have a slightly different process for selecting their housing. Please read the instruction below:

Please use the RIT Housing publication: A How-To Guide for Selecting Your Own Roommate & Room in the Residence Halls as a guide (from pages 1-6) to complete the process. Once you have completed your contract, profile, and optional roommate selection, the living learning community and Housing Operations staff will work together to place you in a room on the USP living learning community floor.

  1. Sign into
  2. Fill out your housing contract and profile (follow instructions on page 2)
  3. In the profile, answer “Yes” to “I am a student in the University Studies Program”
  4. Selecting a roommate is optional. If you would like to take advantage of this option, begin your roommate search following instructions on page 3
  5. If you already know someone that you would like to live with, please use “Option 1 -Search for roommate(s) by detail” as described on page 4
  6. Otherwise we recommend that you use “Option 2 – Search for roommate(s) by profile question” as described on page 5
  7. You can search for a roommate that is also in the USP program by including students who answered “Yes” to being a student in the University Studies Program as one of your selected profile questions
  8. Utilize the search results to identify fellow students in USP that may be a good match to live with. Or find a student from another major and suggest you live together in Res Hall B on the 2nd floor.
  9. At this point you are done! In June when room selection opens, you will see that you (and your roommate) have been pre-assigned to the living learning community floor.

If you need assistance with the housing selection process, please do not hesitate to contact