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Picture more flexibility in our views about scholarship
March 4, 2014

One of the best decisions I made this year was to purposefully visit as many academic departments as I could fit into my schedule during the academic year. I have delighted in the conversations and getting to know many of the incredibly hard-working and dedicated faculty and staff we have here at RIT. Much of the conversation has centered on the semester conversion but there have been great discussions on topics such as promotion, bureaucratic paperwork, work overload, and scholarship.

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The Center for Multidisciplinary Studies
February 24, 2014

At a university as complex as RIT, it is extraordinarily challenging to be aware of the various gems we have scattered across campus. One such gem is the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (CMS). For this posting, I thought I'd spend some time discussing the Center and provide three important updates.

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February 24, 2014

As you know, we have spent considerable focus this year on the information and data we collected in 2012-2013 from the climate, engagement and COACHE surveys. This is a handy venue to provide a short update about where we stand in our efforts to address key issues identified in this wealth of data.

We spent most of the fall semester sharing the data from the COACHE, the climate and the engagement surveys. We did this sharing with the deans, the chairs and directors, in town hall meetings, and in each of the colleges. This effort was a key strategy to communicate widely our findings. 

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Research Space Task Force
February 19, 2014

"Space: the final frontier"

     - Star Trek


As more faculty engage with research, creative work, and scholarship, the need for "research space" increases. It is interesting to note that, aside from space in Slaughter Hall and Institute Hall, we have not really built space dedicated to research. Rather, we have either converted space from other areas or we have designated some space with multiple purposes, one of which is for research. But there are few other needs that are as challenging to meet as the space needs of our researchers, artists and scholars. So space really is the 'final frontier'.

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"… an amazing part of my break."
February 11, 2014

Love is a potion mixed up by careless foolsAnd it takes two and it takes twoLove isn't certain, it comes right out the blueAnd when she casts her spell, there's nothing you can do- Sub Focus, "Out the blue"

I'm learning that sometimes a posting can just fall out of the blue and onto your lap. Here's a delightful email passed onto me from Alla Bailey who taught an innovative course during the intersession. 

Thanks, Alla, for your pioneering effort!



The first “Clean Energy: Hydrogen /Fuel Cells” Intersession Course has successfully ended. Eleven RIT students took the course from different states and even different countries.

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Was Socrates a jerk?
February 4, 2014

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

     - Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Pop quiz: Which one of the following are the least enjoyable to you:

a) A week-long headache that will not go away.

b) A long winter of polar vortex type temperatures; or

c) A colleague who is such a jerk that you dread coming to work.

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ADVANCE Advances
January 29, 2014

ADVANCE encourages institutions of higher education and the broader science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) community, including professional societies and other STEM-related not-for-profit organizations, to address various aspects of STEM academic culture and institutional structure that may differentially affect women faculty and academic administrators. As such, ADVANCE is an integral part of the NSF’s multifaceted strategy to broaden participation in the STEM workforce, and supports the critical role of the Foundation in advancing the status of women in academic science and engineering.

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RIT Ingenuity
January 20, 2014

"Good news, everybody" 

-- The professor from Futurama

Quirky and gifted. These words keep coming up in discussions we have with the Strategic Planning Steering committee to describe our students. Quirky, well, that's just the RIT way and who doesn't want to be a bit quirky anyway. But gifted isn't something you just say you are, nor is it a characteristic you learn—it is unsurprisingly a result of some gift you've been imbued with. 

We all know RIT students who fit these characteristics, but I bet if you sat any random RIT student down and probed what they are interested in, what they do, what experiences they've had, you find quirkiness and giftedness through and through. 

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