Throughput | Input | Output | Super Happy Tangibles | Projector Kiosk | Remote Social

Team Name: Throughput

Team Members: Bart Moore & Ben Mosher

Team Purpose: To take information provided by the "input" team, and deliver it to the output team in such a way that they will be able to create interesting visualizations based on that information.

Team Contributions: Modified Synthesia, which takes in MIDI files, to output information in the form of network packets, which can be recieved by a visualizer, or any other program.

Team Name: Input

Team Members: Alvin Crespo, Brian Long, Ben Mosher, Andrew Sanjanwala, & Adam Sweet

Team Purpose: To find appropriate midi input devices that will work for the throughput team.

Team Contributions: Proposed several midi input devices (usb midi keyboard, midi keyboard, DSMIDI WIFI, OSCulator) that can be process by the throughput team.

Team Name: Output

Team Members: Ben Mosher & Jarrod Parker

Team Purpose: To take information sent by the throughput team and various other sources, and create an "interesting and informative" visualization based on that information.

Team Contributions: Devised a way in which Flash could be used to recieve information over a network and represent it in several different viusalizations. Set up networked Synthesia + Flash visualizer system.

Team Name: Super Happy Tangibles

Team Members: Greg Buffum, Mike Caldwell, & Andrew Sanjanwala

Team Purpose: To design and construct a physical "music learning aid" indended to work in concert with the visualization produced by the yarn reconstruction.

Team Contributions: "peg-o-gram" chord-mapping device, schematics and code for building more of them or enhancing the existing model.

Team Name: Projector Kiosk

Team Members: Mike Caldwell, & Andrew Sanjanwala

Team Purpose: To convert a salvaged engineering kiosk into a fully functional standalone building projection cart.

Team Contributions: Documentation of the teardown of a kiosk, re-assembly as a user-driven interface of some sort.

Team Name: Remote Social

Team Members: Frank Chiu & Ryan Rose

Team Purpose: To integrate streaming software to allow for collaboration and sharing between various computers.

Team Contributions: Adobe Acrobat Connect, setting up the standard login pages and account for CSIVisitor, setting up dropbox, setting up audio/video capture for our main event.