Flash Visualization

Our Flash Visualization is based off of the Yarn Visualization from the Muisic Animation Machine [Found Here].

Yarn shows both the individual pitches for the notes and, more interestingly, color-coded lines to represent intervals between notes being played simultaneously. It works particularly well with the Chopin nocturne piece. For example. Even if you feel lost at first, you can start to notice the pattern in the relationships. Intervals with tension or dissonance generally show up red, sometimes pink. Intervals with release and tonic harmony show up blue and green.

Our visualization animates in a scrolling window. The bottom edge of the window represents 'now' in the timeline. Individual notes are presented as colored dots. As time progresses they travel up the screen

The two major elements portrayed in or visualization scheme are pitch and interval. Pitch is best thought of as the quality of sound that makes it 'high' or 'low'.

In our concerto visualization pitch is represented in two ways. Pitches are Notes that are currently played show up darker in color while notes that are no longer being placed fade to a higher color

Our visualization also displays dynamics (volume). The louder a note is, the longer its dot in the output will appear.

Intervals are the distance between two pitches. In concerto intervals are represented in real-time and color-coded lines between notes. Concerto only draws intervals for notes played at the same time.