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Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

PLTW teachers who attend RIT's National Technology Training Center may apply to receive graduate credit for their training by successfully completing the training course and passing the graduate examination administered by the PLTW office.  PLTW teachers can apply to the MS in Professional Studies degree during their PLTW enrollment, or after completion of the training courses.  If accepted by admissions, PLTW teachers can apply up to 20 semester credit hours (representing concentration "A") to the Professional Studies degree.  PLTW student can complete concentration B by selecting 9 semester hours of courses from the RIT Graduate Bulletin and/or take classes in combination with transferring in up to 6 semester hours of credit from an accredited university that meets their professional goals. 

PLTW teachers must also complete the programs three required courses:

  1. Context & Trends PROF 705
  2. Capstone Proposal Seminar PROF 770
  3. Capstone Project PROF 775


Required Courses:

The first required course is Context & Trends, which is offered in the fall (on campus) and spring (online).  This course is designed to take the student through the process of designing their program of study.  At the end of this course, the student’s plan of study is sent to a committee of faculty for approval.  If possible, a student is encouraged to take this course by itself, on a part time basis.

The second required course is the Capstone Proposal Seminar, which is offered online.  This course is designed to take the student through the process of planning their Capstone Project, including the concept, methodology, outcomes, and determining a Capstone Advisor.  The course concludes with a paper outlining their capstone proposal.

The final required course, the Capstone Project, is the last course the student will take in the program.  This course takes the place of a traditional thesis.  The Capstone Project is an applied project where students are required to create a product and/or solve a problem or challenge.  This course runs as an independent study and students work closely with the CMS Graduate Director and/or a faculty advisor.  The Project culminates in a 20 page paper and a presentation.


Example Plan of Study:

Part of Degree Course Credit Hrs.
Required PROF 705 Context & Trends 3
Required PROF 770 Capstone Proposal Seminar 0
Required PROF 775 Capstone Project 3
Concentration A PLTW Principles of Engineering 4
Concentration A PLTW Engineering Graphics/Solid Modeling 4
Concentration A PLTW Introduction to Design & Development  4
Concentration A PLTW Introduction to Digital Electronics 4
Concentration B
BUSI 710 Intro to Project Management
Concentration B BUSI 711 Advanced Project Management 3
Concentration B BUSI 712 International Project Management 3
Elective COMM 710 Visual Communication 3


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