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2014 Graduates

College of Liberal Arts

James J. Winebrake, Ph.D., Dean
M. Ann Howard, J.D., Senior Associate Dean
Babak Elahi, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Department of Criminal Justice

LaVerne McQuiller Williams, Ph.D., J.D., Chair

Criminal Justice BS

Department of Economics

Michael J. Vernarelli, Ph.D., Chair

Economics BS

Department of Communication

Patrick Scanlon, Ph.D., Chair

Professional and Technical Communication BS
Advertising and Public Relations BS
Journalism BS

Department of Psychology

Andrew Herbert, Ph.D., Chair

Psychology BS

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Jason T. Younker, Ph.D., Chair

International and Global Studies BS
Sociology and Anthropology - Candidates for Bachelor of Science degree
Urban and Community Studies BS

Department of Fine Arts

Tina Lent, Ph.D., Chair

Museum Studies BS

Department of Philosophy

John Capps, Ph.D., Chair

Philosophy BS

Department of Political Science

Sean Sutton, Ph.D., Chair

Political Science BS

Department of Public Policy

Ron Hira, Ph.D., Interim Chair

Public Policy BS
Science, Technology and Public Policy MS

Department of Criminal Justice

John McCluskey, Ph.D., Graduate Director

Criminal Justice MS

Department of Communication

Rudy R. Pugliese, Ph.D., Graduate Director

Communication and Media Technologies MS

Department of Psychology

Andrew Herbert, Ph.D., Chair

Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology MS

School Psychology

Suzanne Bamonto, Ph.D., Graduate Director

School Psychology MS
School Psychology Adv. Cert.