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Great article by #RIT west coast advisory member. The Audacity of Vision
RT @ritnppa: Congratulations to Daniel Vasta for winning the Nikon Portfolio Award for best portfolio. To view Daniel's entire...
Great article for teachers interested in AI.
RT @EDUCAUSELI: #7Things You Should Know About #ArtificialIntelligence in Teaching & Learning: #AI #HigherEd
RT @futurism: The Three Laws of Robotics are a start, but we need more.
Critical thinking by columnist David Brooks: The Cuomo College Fiasco -
Great article about work of #RIT Dr Michael Zemcov NASA's New Horizons Surprises With Whole New View Of Cosmos
@AmazonHelp Thanks but I am serious. You need #RIT graduates.
On why @Amazon needs to hire #RIT packaging science graduates!
RIT town hall participants discuss how units can produce the 2025 RIT T-shape graduate
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