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Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment (EEA)

The Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment (EEA) provides leadership and centralized support for assessment processes focused on fostering quality learning, promoting academic excellence, and advancing institutional effectiveness. 


Combining research, policy and programming to enhance recruitment, retention and advancement opportunities for women faculty in STEM disciplines.

Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking

The Eugene Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking Provides campus-wide leadership in cross-disciplinary approaches to applied critical thinking (ACT) with the goal of assuring that every RIT student obtains ACT skills prior to graduation.

Honors Program

Designed around three basic ideals of Leadership, Scholarship and Citizenship, the Honors Program is for students who seek to challenge themselves in exemplary learning experiences.

Innovative Learning Institute

The Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) coordinates the development, adoption, and promotion of effective teaching and learning in higher education at RIT and around the world.

Teaching and Learning Services

Through RIT Online, the ILI advances online learning at RIT, providing students with a robust, engaging, success-oriented experience; a continually expanding array of demand-based online programs; and  exceptional social, academic, and technical support.

International Education & Global Programs

The office works closely with the administration and faculty in all nine colleges and the degree-granting units to achieve RIT’s goal of internationalizing the campus through fostering culture knowledge and competencies, providing global experiential opportunities, expanding RIT’s education abroad and engaging in international research.

Middle States Accreditation

The decennial evaluation consists of an extensive institutional self-study process that produces a written self-study report highlighting both RIT’s significant strengths as well as possible challenges going forward.

Office of K-12 Programs

K-12 programs provide academic enrichment for the Rochester region’s high school and middle school students. Participants enrolled in our programs experience college preparation, pre-college STEM education and opportunities for career exploration.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar maintains the official academic records for current and former students.

Research and Innovation at RIT

Research and innovation is a critical part of the teaching and learning experience at RIT. The research conducted on campus spans the distance from black holes to nanophotonics, and connects RIT faculty and students to cutting-edge industries 

Research at RIT

Explore the more than 60 research labs and centers at RIT, or review research highlights and corporate partnerships.

The Albert J. Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Promotes innovation and entrepreneurial learning across the RIT community by leveraging RIT's strengths in multi-disciplinary and experiential learning.

RIT K-12 Academy

RIT K-12 Academy provides summer camps and experiences for elementary, middle, and high school students, including cutting-edge topics and opportunities to work in small teams.

Study Abroad

RIT's resource for study abroad and international fellowships, with over 400 programs in 50 countries.

Summer at RIT

Summer at RIT is for everyone, whether you’re looking to get ahead or simply lighten your course load for next year. With a wide range of subjects offered on-campus and online, RIT’s 5 and 10-week sessions make it easy to take a course or two without disrupting your summer plans.

The Wallace Center

With innovation at its core, RIT created The Wallace Center in 2010, blending essential library, faculty development, and multi-media services. The evolution from a library to a true learning center continued with the integration of the Writing Commons and RADSCC. With nearly 4,000 visitors each day, TWC is RIT’s place to study, learn, collaborate and connect. 

RIT Libraries

Main library site with a searchable catalog, research databases, inter-library loan request, tutorials, and general information.

RIT Press

RIT Press is a scholarly publishing enterprise at RIT.

Cary Graphic Arts Collection

The Cary Collection is one of the country's premier libraries on graphic communication history and practices. Today the library houses some 40,000 volumes and a growing number of manuscripts and correspondence collections.

RIT Archives

RIT Archive Collections serves as the official repository for historically valuable records of the university. A broad range of materials, from presidential papers and departmental records to photographs and art works document RIT's history since 1829.

Faculty Career Development Services

A team of professionals dedicated to the support and advancement of faculty in their academic careers at RIT

University Advising

The University Advising Office is a support unit within the division of Academic Affairs focused on undergraduate student success priorities.  The office leads the university’s undergraduate advising initiatives.

University Studies

This program serves two populations: New-to-RIT students in their first or second year of undergraduate study, and current RIT students who wish to re-explore other options available to them at RIT.

University Writing

The University Advising Office is a support unit within the division of Academic Affairs focused on undergraduate student success priorities.  The office leads the university’s undergraduate advising initiatives.