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COACHE is a research initiative that gathers benchmarking data on best practices for faculty recruitment and retention. In fall 2012, RIT participated the COACHE survey and we will repeat the process in 2015-2016. Visit the COACHE website to learn more, including results from the 2012 survey.

Your Arsenal

Your Arsenal

Figuring out the right balance between your job and the rest of your life can sometimes be a real challenge. Whether teaching, scholarship, service or the balance of work and life are your priority, the following resources will provide insight and direction across all stages of your career.  The FCDS team will maintain a host of resources for you that we promise will be fresh, relevant, and worthwhile!

Faculty Success Series

Join us for these upcoming live workshops or view the archive of some events past to pick up some new tricks for faculty success.

Fall 2013

Intersession 2014

Spring 2014

Resources Just For You

New Wiley Subscription for All Faculty!

We recently acquired a new subscription to the Wiley Learning Institute that includes unlimited access for individual faculty to live webinars, a library of on-demand workshops, and additional resources on teaching, learning and leadership development. Wiley's programs are taught by recognized leaders across disciplines and they provide the benefit of networking with peers from other universities around the world -- a professional, economical, and timely way for RIT faculty to get the professional development and support they need to excel in their role, whether teaching or directing a department. Visit the RIT page at Wiley Learning Institute to begin selecting your programs. View one or view many over the next academic year.

Below are examples of Wiley's relevant and timely offerings:

Designing Courses:

  • Promoting Individual student Learning While Saving You Time and Trouble
  • Facilitating Learning that Lasts: Transfer and Transformation
  • The Case Method and Problem-Based Learning

Academic & Department Chair Leadership:

  • Managing Your Molecule: Working Well with your Dean, Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • 3 Keys to Diffusing a Department Bully’s Behavior
  • Surviving and Thriving in Times of Institutional and Departmental Change

Research & Scholarship:

  • Scholarship Made Easier: Best Practices for Writing and Publishing
  • Grant Writing for Research Proposals

RIT Resources

Become Your Favorite Teacher

Bain, Ken. (2004). What the best college teachers do. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Print copy available in RIT Library.

Brookfield, Stephen. (2006). The Skillful Teacher: on technique, trust, and responsiveness in the classroom. San Francisco,CA: Jossey-Bass. Print copy available in RIT Library.

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School

Lang, James. (2008). On Course: A week-by-week guide to your first semester of college teaching.Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Print copy available in RIT Library.

“Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education” PDF

Svinicki, M. and McKeachie, W. (2011). McKeachie's Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers, 13th Ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Print copy available in RIT Library.

Keep Your Sanity

Balancing Work and Life

Scholarship, Writing and Research

Free Newsletters, Reports, White Papers

Specifically for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Non-tenure track (NTT) faculty, full-time and part-time, serve in a wide variety of roles in research and teaching (including teaching in clinical settings) and many of the University’s most important endeavors would be impossible without the contributions of such faculty.  At RIT, non-tenure faculty include lecturers, research faculty, visiting faculty, clinical faculty, and adjuncts and are typically part-time or limited term employees.

Specifically for Tenure Track Faculty

Tenure is a teaching or research position reserved for faculty who undergo a tenure review process.  Resources here are for pre and post-tenure faculty and include items on self-renewal, continuous improvement, and faculty vitality.

Academic Leadership

Unlike more traditional programs which rely on classroom training and events which may be interesting but disconnected from your responsibilities and requirements, our Academic Leadership Development program is grounded in research and best practice, multi-faceted, and designed to meet your needs.  The Academic Leadership Development resource portal contains tools, resources and materials to provide just-in-time support when you need it most. In addition to the department head resource portal and general development resources, there are several articles related to the academic leader’s professional development available to you. Click here to access the Academic Leadership Development Portal

RIT Libraries has recently added this publication to its collection of online journals, just for you! The Department Chair is an award-winning periodical featuring in-depth articles that deliver sound insight and proven strategies essential for successfully leading an academic department. It is a unique resource for chairs, deans, academic vice presidents, and other administrators, delivering practical information in every issue. Click here for direct access.  If you are off-campus, you will be prompted for your RIT username/password.





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