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Connecting Campus to Community through Research & Scholarship  
Co-sponsored by FCDS and College of Liberal Arts, Tim Eaton, Imagining America Co-Director and Syracuse University Assistant Professor is coming to RIT on May 27-28. RIT faculty will learn about engaged research, teaching and scholarship in a unique, collaborative way with the Rochester community.  Read more.

Grants & Scholarships


Lynn Wild
Associate Provost for Faculty Development and The Wallace Center

Faculty Career Development Consultants

Cheryl Herdklotz
Anne Marie Canale

Opportunities for Faculty

The Office of the Provost and Faculty Career Development Services (FCDS), NSF AdvanceRIT, and the Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) are pleased to offer the following grant opportunities for the 2014-2015 academic year.  The application process, eligibility requirements, and deadlines for submission differ for each grant program, so please review the information provided on each site carefully.  To help guide your planning, see the chart below for a general timeline for the grant opportunities, and watch your email for announcements!  

  • College Collaboration Matching Grant Program

Faculty Career Development Services (FCDS) is launching a College Collaboration Matching Grant program designed to support activities that are closely aligned with the goals and objectives of FCDS and the RIT community with regard to faculty success, leadership development, mentoring, and promotion and tenure by providing matching funds to RIT’s Colleges for related projects. All RIT full-time faculty are eligible to apply. Individual and group applications are welcome. Your department chair/unit head must sign off on the grant application AND commit to matching funds. Applications are being accepted beginning April 20, 2015. Click here for application guidelines.

  • AdvanceRIT Connect Grants

Advance LogoThe AdvanceRIT Project, FCDS, and the Office of the Provost offer this grant program to support leadership and career development for all tenured and tenure-track faculty at RIT. The Connect Grants Program includes two distinct funding tracks. The first is a “Faculty/Faculty Group” Connect Grant available to individuals or faculty groups (formal or ad hoc), tenured and tenure-track faculty.  The second is a “Department” Connect Grant. For both tracks, successful grant proposals will support one or more of the AdvanceRIT project goals. Click here for application details, due dates, and previous grant recipients.

AdvanceRIT also offers the AdvanceRIT Partnership Grant which provides funding to campus partners to support new activities which are closely aligned with the AdvanceRIT objectives and do not lend themselves to the Connect  Grant structure or timing. Read more here.

Questions: Laurie Clayton,, (585) 475-7844

This material is based upon work supported by the ADVANCE RIT grant which is funded through the National Science Foundation under Award No. HRD-1209115.  

  • Faculty Education and Development (FEAD)

Tenure-track faculty, senior lecturers, principal lecturers, and lecturers with multiple year contracts are eligible for funds from the Faculty Education and Development (FEAD) fund. These funds will be appropriated by the university to each college in proportion to the number of tenure-track faculty, senior and principal lecturers and lecturers with multiple year contracts.  View the policy here (Policy E07.0 Annual Review and Development of Faculty, Section III. Faculty Development, #C.) Check with your College for application details and due dates.

  • Faculty Mentoring Grants

FCDS LogoThe Provost and FCDS offer grants to peer-mentoring or other faculty mentoring groups at RIT. Funding may be requested for one project or activity each academic year. The mentoring projects or activities for which you are requesting grant funds must be related to teaching excellence, dissemination of scholarly works, or grant proposal development. The goal is for faculty to participate in activities or projects that will help their mentoring groups be successful. Full-time RIT faculty, both tenure track and non-tenure track, may apply. Click here for application details, due dates, and previous grant recipients

Questions: Anne Marie Canale,, (585) 475-7696

  • Lecturers' Professional Development Fund

FCDS LogoThe  Provost and FCDS created the Lecturers’ Professional Development Fund in academic year 2013-2014 to acknowledge the many contributions of RIT’s lecturers. This grant program provides funds for professional development activities that involve teaching, development and/or creative endeavors. All full-time lecturers/senior lecturers with continuing appointments at RIT are eligible to apply. Click here for application details, due dates, and previous grant recipients.

Questions: Cheryl Herdklotz,, (585) 475-2030

  • Provost’s Learning Innovation Grants (PLIG)

For more than a decade, the Provost’s Learning Innovation Grants (PLIG) have been an important source of recognition and funding for RIT faculty who want to explore new technologies and teaching methods to enhance student learning.  With the launch of the Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) as a nexus of research and timely experimentation with emerging teaching and learning technologies and practices, ILI has revitalized PLIG to provide new, exciting opportunities for faculty applying for the grants and to better enable all RIT faculty to learn about and build on PLIG-supported work. These grants are available to tenure-track and tenured RIT faculty only. Click here for application details, due dates, and previous grant recipients.

Questions: Michael Starenko,, (585) 475-5035

Note: These grant opportunities are not inclusive of all available at RIT. Faculty are encouraged to seek other grants within their departments, colleges, and external opportunities.

Faculty Grant Opportunities, 2014-2015
Visit each program’s website for specific dates

Grant Opportunity

Call for Proposals

Applications Due

Decisions Announced

Year-End Report Due

FCDS College Collaboration Matching Grants April 20, 2015 Awarded on a rolling basis. Awarded on a rolling basis. Early February of following year.

NSF ADVANCE RIT Connect Grants

Early October



Early February of following Year

AdvanceRIT Partnership Grant

See website.

See website.

See website.

 See website.

Faculty Education and Development (FEAD) Fund

Check with your College.

Check with your College.

Check with your College.

Check with your College.

Faculty Mentoring Grants

Early October


Late November

Late July

Lecturer’s Professional Development Fund


Early November

Late November

Late July

Provost’s Learning Innovation Grants

Early November

Late January


Late August of following year