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COACHE is a research initiative that gathers benchmarking data on best practices for faculty recruitment and retention. In fall 2012, RIT participated the COACHE survey and we will repeat the process in 2015-2016. Visit the COACHE website to learn more, including results from the 2012 survey.

Grants & Scholarships

Opportunities for Faculty

The Office of the Provost and Faculty Career Development Services (FCDS), NSF AdvanceRIT, and the Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) offer several faculty grant and scholarship opportunities each academic year.  The application process, eligibility requirements, and deadlines for submission differ for each grant program, so please review the information provided on each site carefully.  To help guide your planning, see the chart below for a general timeline for the grant opportunities, and watch your email for announcements



Note: These grant opportunities are not inclusive of all available at RIT. Faculty are encouraged to seek other grants within their departments, colleges, and external opportunities.

Faculty Grant Opportunities - General Timeline
Visit each program’s website for specific dates

Grant Opportunity

Call for Proposals

Applications Due

Decisions Announced

Year-End Report Due

Adjunct Professional Development Funding Plan Mid-October 

Early November

Mid-November Early July
FCDS College Collaboration Matching Grants Mid-October  Early November Late November Early July
FCDS Faculty Mentoring Grants Mid-October  Early November Late November Early July
FCDS Lecturer’s Professional Development Fund Mid-October  Early November Late November Early July

FEAD - Faculty Education and Development Fund

Check with your College. Check with your College. Check with your College. Check with your College.

NSF ADVANCE RIT Connect Grants

Early October



Early February of following Year

NSF AdvanceRIT Partnership Grant

See website.

See website.

See website.

 See website.

Provost’s Learning Innovation Grants

Early November

Late January


Late August of following year



Faculty Career Development Consultants

Cheryl Herdklotz, PhD
Anne Marie Canale, MS