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Faculty Mentoring - Roles


  • Openly seek advice from mentors.
  • Clarify expectations from Dean, Department Heads, and current mentors.
  • Obtain current tenure and promotion guidelines from the Dean’s Office in your College.
  • Willingly participate in developmental activities.
  • Form an individual mentoring network.


  • Help less experienced faculty members (protégés) develop in specified capacities (teaching, research, scholarship, service, etc.).
  • Provide career advancement advice.
  • Offer support.

Department Heads or Immediate Supervisors

  • Provide a comprehensive orientation for new faculty.
  • Identify individuals to serve as mentors.
  • Help match protégés to mentors.
  • Manage Plans of Work to reflect mentoring-related activities and responsibilities.
  • Provide performance feedback and guidance to faculty.

Provost and Deans

  • Through the shared governance model, administer and interpret guidelines for tenure.
  • Set guidelines for scholarly productivity.
  • Establish a set of rewards and accountability measures to ensure that mentoring remains a priority.

The Faculty Associates to the Provost assist in the implementation of institute-wide mentoring, provide guidance on navigating the promotion and/or tenure processes and advocate for constituent faculty.
Faculty Associate for AALANA Faculty
African American, Latino American, Native American
Marcos Esterman
Room 09-1598
Faculty Associate for Women Faculty
Margaret Bailey