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Qiang Tu

Management Information Systems
Saunders College of Business

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Tu, Qiang, Monideepa Tarafdar, and T. S. Ragu-Nathan. "Crossing to the Dark Side: Examining the Creators, Outcomes and Inhibitors of Technostress." Communications of the ACM 54. 9 (2011): 113-120. Print. «

Tu, Qiang, et al. "A Mechanism for External Competence Transfer to Improve Manufacturing System Capabilities and Market Performance." International Journal of Production Economics 132. 1 (2011): 68-78. Print. «

Tu, Qiang, Qin Shu, and Kanliang Wang. "The Impact of Computer Self-efficacy and Technology Dependence on Computer-Related Technostress: A Social Cognitive Theory Perspective." International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 27. 10 (2011): 923-939. Print. «

Tu, Qiang, Kun Liao, and Yulong Li. "The Relationship of Integration and Automation Under an Uncertain Environment: A SEM Model." International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 22. 4 (2011): 344-361. Print. «

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