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Cory Crane

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Sciences
College of Health Sciences & Technology

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Crane, Cory A., et al. "The Couple that Smokes Together: Dyadic Marijuana Use and Relationship Functioning during Conflict." Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 30. (2016): 686-693. Print. *

Crane, Cory A., et al. "The Proximal Effects of Acute Alcohol Consumption on Male-to-female Aggression: A Meta-analytic Review of the Experimental Literature." Trauma, Violence, & Abuse 17. (2016): 520-531. Print. *

Crane, Cory A., et al. "Comorbid Substance Use Diagnoses and Partner Violence Among Offenders Receiving Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Dependence." Journal of Addictive Diseases 35. (2016): 205-211. Print. *

Easton, Caroline J. and Cory A. Crane. "Interventions to Reduce Domestic Violence Victimizations/Perpetration Among People with Substance Use Disorders." International Review of Psychiatry 28. (2016): 533-543. Print. *

Leone, Ruschelle, et al. "Problematic Drinking, Impulsivity, and Physical IPV Perpetration: A Dyadic Analysis." Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 30. (2016): 356-366. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Crane, Cory A. "What Works? A Review of the Literature Assessing Treatment Options for Partner Violence Perpetration." Economic & Social Research Council seminar series. King's College. London, UK. 15 Feb. 2016. Conference Presentation. ∆

Crane, Cory A., MacKenzie Licata, and Robert C. Schlauch. "The Effects of Alcohol on Female Responding During Laboratory Aggression Paradigms." Research Society on Alcoholism. Research Society on Alcoholism. New Orleans, LA. 15 Jul. 2016. Conference Presentation. *

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