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Anju Gupta

2016 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

A, Jaikumar, A., Kandlikar, S. G., and Gupta,. "Dip Coating of Electrochemically Generated Graphene and Graphene Oxide to Enhance Pool Boiling Performance." Proceedings of the Proceedings of the ASME 2016 14th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels. Ed. Unknown. Washington, DC, USA, Washington, DC, USA: n.p., 2016. Print. £

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Gupta, Anju . "Interaction of Amphiphilic Fluorophores with Model Cell Membranes." Department seminar. SUNY Geneseo. Geneseo, NY. 30 Sep. 2016. Guest Lecture.

Gupta, Anju . "Pool Boiling Enhancement through Graphene and Graphene Oxide Coatings." International Workshop on New Understanding in Nanoscale/Microscale Phase Change Phenomena. Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Trondheim, Norway. 14 Jun. 2016. Lecture.

Gupta, Anju . "Effects of Dip Coating Duration on Surface Morphology and Pool Boiling Enhancement." International Conference on Material Sciences: SCICON 16. Amrita Institute. Coimbatore, India. 19 Dec. 2016. Lecture.

Gupta, Anju . "Characterization of Effects of Systematically Increased Graphene Dip Coating Durations on the Surface Morphology." AIChE. AIChE. San Francisco, CA. 14 Nov. 2016. Conference Presentation.

A, • Pinion, Trent, Camacho, Lucy Mar, Gupta,. "Optimizing Polysulfone Mixed Matrix Membranes for High Permeate Flux in Membrane Distillation." AIChE. AIChE. San Francisco, CA. 14 Nov. 2016. Conference Presentation.