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Brian Tomaszewski
Assistant Professor

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Goe, Michele, Brian Tomaszewski, and Gabrielle Gaustad. "Infrastructure Planning for Solar Technology Recycling." ArcUser 16. 1 (2013): 20-23. Print. £

Blochel, Kevin, et al. "A Serious Game for Measuring Disaster Response Spatial Thinking." ArcUser 16. 3 (2013): 12-15. Print. £

Published Conference Proceedings

Tomaszewski, Brian, et al. "Promoting Spatial Thinking in Natural Resource Management Through Community Mapping: The Case of Urban and Rural Secondary Schools of Rwanda." Proceedings of the AfricaGIS 2013. Ed. Harlan Onsrud. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: n.p., 2013. Web. *

Feeney, E., et al. "Serious Gaming and Spatial Thinking - Emergency Response Case Study." Proceedings of the 2013 ESRI International User Conference. Ed. Esri. San Diego, CA: n.p., 2013. Web. £

Mathews, Alyssa and Brian Tomaszewski. "A Serious Game for Quantifying Spatial Thinking." Proceedings of the 2013 NYS GIS Conference. Ed. Ann Deakin. Saratoga Springs, NY: n.p., 2013. Print. £

Invited Presentations/Keynotes

Tomaszewski, Brian. "New Humanities" Have Gone Digital." Faculty Institute on Teaching and Learning. Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester, New York. 22 May 2013. Guest Lecture.

Tomaszewski, Brian. "Spatial Thinking and Serious Games: A Deeper Look at Geospatial Technology Practice." Sustainable Urban Development: International Perspectives on The University as Partner in the Transformation of The Post-Industrial City symposium sponsored by Malmö University, Malmö Sweden and Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester, New York. 4 Oct. 2013. Lecture. ∆

Tomaszewski, Brian and Anthony Vodacek. "Spatial Thinking, Disaster Risk and Visual Analytics: Case Studies from Rwanda." Geography Colloquium. University of Bonn Geography Department. Bonn, Germany. 15 Jul. 2013. Guest Lecture. ∆

Tomaszewski, Brian. "Geographically Contextualizing Disasters." Ph.D. Program Colloquium series. GCCIS Computing and Information Sciences Ph.D. Program. Rochester, New York. 11 Jan. 2013. Lecture. ∆

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Arnold, Garth, et al. "GIS Modeling of Social Vulnerability in Burkina Faso." ArcUser 15. 1 (2012): 20-23. Print. ˆ

Tomaszewski, Brian and Alan MacEachren. "Geovisual Analytics to Support Crisis Management: Information Foraging for Geo-Historical Context." Information Visualization 11. 4 (2012): 339-359. Print. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Bouchard, Beau and Brian Tomaszewski. "Automated GLIDE Number Resource Consolidation for Rapid Disaster Location Identification." Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the International Association For The Study Of Information Systems For Crisis Response And Management (ISCRAM), Vancouver, Canada. Ed. Zeno Franco. Vancouver, Canada: n.p., 2012. Print. *

Tomaszewski, Brian and Edward Holden. "The Geographic Information Science and Technology and Information Technology Bodies of Knowledge: An Ontological Alignment." Proceedings of the 13th Annual Conference on Information Technology Education, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ed. B. Lundt. Calgary, Canada: n.p., 2012. Web. *

Invited Presentations/Keynotes

Tomaszewski, Brian. "Understanding Global Shock Impacts Through Natural Disasters: An Overview of the United Nations Global Pulse Rapid Impact and Vulnerability Analysis Fund (RIVAF) Project." American Association of Geographers Annual Conference. American Association of Geographers. New York, NY. 15 Feb. 2012. Conference Presentation.

Tomaszewski, Brian. "Locally Contextualizing Global Shocks." Coffee Hour series. Penn State Geography Department. State College, PA. 27 Nov. 2012. Keynote Speech.

Tomaszewski, Brian. "The Rochester Institute of Technology: Opportunities for Collaboration." Guest Lecture Series. United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS). Bonn, Germany. 15 Jul. 2012. Guest Lecture.


Tomaszewski, Brian. Geographic Information Science and Technology Exhibit. 5 May 2012. ImagineRIT, Rochester, NY. Exhibit.

Ziemke, Jen. Crowdsourced Data, Volunteer Activism and Crisis Mapping from a GIS Perspective. Dir. Brian Tomaszewski. 25 Apr. 2012. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. Performance.

Journal Editor

Tomaszewski, Brian, ed. Future Internet: Special Issue on Geovisual Analytics. Bern: MDPI, 2012. Web. ˜

Tomaszewski, Brian, Massimo Mecella, and Francisco Nobre, ed. Geographic Information Science and Technology and Crisis Management Special Paper Session for the 9th International ISCRAM Conference. Vancouver, Canada: n.p., 2012. Print. £

Published Game, Application or Software

Vo, Minh Quang, Bouchard, Beau, and Brian Tomaszewski. A Practical Approach to Mapping Job Growth in the GIS Industry. Software. RIT. 2012. ˆ

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Tomaszewski, Brian, et al. "Supporting Geographically-aware Web Document Foraging and Sensemaking." Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 35. 3 (2011): 192-201. Print. *

Tomaszewski, Brian and M. E. Smith. "Polities, Territory and Historical Change in Postclassic Matlatzinco (Toluca Valley, Central Mexico)." Journal of Historical Geography 37. 1 (2011): 22-39. Print. *

Tomaszewski, Brian. "Situation Awareness and Virtual Globes: Applications for Disaster Management." Computers and Geosciences 37. 1 (2011): 86-92. Print. *

Invited Presentations/Keynotes

Tomaszewski, Brian. "A Visual Analytics Approach to Identifying Vulnerabilities Created by Global Shocks as Revealed by Natural Disaster Impacts." University of Buffalo Department of Geography Colloquium Series. University of Buffalo Department of Geography. University of Buffalo North Campus, Buffalo, NY. 14 Oct. 2011. Lecture. ˜

Tomaszewski, Brian. "A Visual Analytics Approach to Understanding Poverty Assessment through Disaster Impacts in Latin America and Africa." Towards a Real-Time Understanding of Emerging Vulnerability. United Nations Global Pulse. UNICEF Headquarters, New York, NY. 14 Jul. 2011. Conference Presentation. ˜


Tomaszewski, Brian. Visual Analysis of Global Shocks. 14 Nov. 2011. 3rd International Conference of Crisis Mappers, Geneva, Switzerland. Exhibit. ˜

Journal Editor

Tomaszewski, Brian, ed. Future Internet: Special Issue Geovisual Analytics. Basel, Switzerland: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2011. Web. «