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Scholarly Works

Cathleen Ashworth
Associate Professor

2015 Submissions


(Director), Cathleen Ashworth. Iroquois Creation Story. 6 Dec. 2015. Santa Fe Film Festival - Juried Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Exhibit.

(Director), Cathleen Ashworth. Iroquois Creation Story. 14 Nov. 2015. 12th Annual Commanche Nation Film Festival - Invitational, Lawton, Oklahoma. Exhibit.

National/International Competition Award Winner

(Director), Cathleen Ashworth. Red Nation Film Festival. Best Animation and Best Short Film. Los Angeles, CA, 2015.

(Director), Cathleen Ashworth. 18th Annual Native American Film Festival of the Southeast. Best Original Music Composition. Columbia, South Carolina, 2015.

Museum Collection Acquisition

(Director), Cathleen Ashworth and Atia Quadri (Animation Technical Director). Iroquois Creation Story. Digital Film - permanent display. Seneca Art and Cultural Center, Victor, NY. (2015).

2012 Submissions

Published Review

Rezsnyak, Eric. "Rochester Fringe Festival Day 5: BeeEye." Rev. of BeeEye, by Eric Rezsnyak. City Newspaper, Rochester, NY 24 Sep. 2012: on-line edition. Print.


Ashworth, Cat. BeeEye. 14-16 Sep. 2012. Rochester Greentopia Film Festival, Rochester, NY. Installation.

Ashworth, Cat. BeeEye. 19-24 Sep. 2012. Gallery r, Rochester, NY. Installation.