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Carlos Rafael Rivero Osuna

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Rivero, Carlos R., et al. "Mapping RDF Knowledge Bases Using Exchange Samples." Knowl.-Based Syst.. (2016): 47-66. Web. *

Hernández, Inma, et al. "CALA: ClAssifying Links Automatically based on their URL." Journal of Systems and Software. (2016): 130-143. Web. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Jagadeesan, Yogesh, Peizhao Hu, and Carlos R. Rivero. "PLOMaR: An Ontology Framework for Context Modeling and Reasoning on Crowd-sensing Platform." Proceedings of the PerCom Workshops. Ed. ?. Sydney, -: n.p., Web. *

Cimmino, Andrea, Carlos R. Rivero, and David Ruiz. "Improving Link Specifications using Context-Aware Information." Proceedings of the LDOW@WWW. Ed. ?. Montreal, -: n.p., Web. *

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Rivero, Carlos R., et al. "Discovering and Analysing Ontological Models From Big RDF Data." Journal of Database Management 26. 2 (2015): 48-61. Print. *

Rivero, Carlos R., et al. "MostoDEx: A Tool to Exchange RDF Data Using Exchange Samples." Journal of Systems and Software 100. (2015): 67-79. Print. *