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Scholarly Works

Dhireesha Kudithipudi
Associate Professor

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Soltiz, Mike, et al. "Memristor-based Neural Logic Block for Non-linearly Separable Functions." IEEE Transactions on Computers 62. 8 (2013): 1597-1603. Print. * £

Published Conference Proceedings

Catanzaro, Matthew and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. "Reconfigurable RRAM for LUT Logic Mapping: A Case Study for Reliability Enhancement." Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International SOC Conference. Ed. IEEE. Buffalo, NY: IEEE, Print. *

Brenner, David, Cory Merkel, and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. "Design-Time Performance Evaluation of Thermal Management Policies for SRAM and RRAM based 3D MPSoCs." Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM GLSVLSI Conference. Ed. IEEE/ACM. Salt Lake City, Utah: n.p., 2012. Print. «

Kudithipudi, Dhireesha, Colin Donahue, and Ganesh Khedkar. "Applications of CMOS/Memristor Neuromorphic Systems in Computing and Security." Proceedings of the CyberSci Summit. Ed. ICFI. Beltsville, MD: n.p., 2013. Web. ∆

Mohanram, Sundararaman and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. "Hierarchical Optimization of TSV Placement with Inter-Tier Liquid Cooling in 3D-IC MPSoCs." Proceedings of the 29th IEEE Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium. Ed. IEEE. San Jose, CA: IEEE, 2013. Print. «

Khedkar, Ganesh and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. "RRAM Motifs for DPA Mitigation in 3D-ICs." Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on VLSI. Ed. IEEE. Amherst, MA: n.p., 2012. Print. *

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Hicks, John Kevin and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. "Hybrid Subthreshold and Nearthreshold Design Methodology for Energy Minimization." Journal of Low Power Electronics 7. 2 (2011): 172-184. Print. ˜

Book Chapter

Hicks, John Kevin and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. "Subthreshold Computing." Handbook of Energy-Aware and Green Computing. Ed. Sanjay Ranka and Ishfaq Ahmad. USA: Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2011. 3-21. Print. * ˜

Published Conference Proceedings

Merkel, Cory, et al. "Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable N-Level Resistive Random Access Memory." Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. Ed. IEEE. IEEE Explore: n.p., 2011. Print. *

Kandlikar, Satish, Dhireesha Kudithipudi, and C. A. Rubio-Jimenez. "Cooling Mechanisms in 3D ICs: Thermo-Mechanical Perspective." Proceedings of the International Workshop on Thermal Modeling and Management. Ed. IEEE. IEEE Explore: n.p., 2011. Print. ˜

External Scholarly Fellowships

6/15/2011 - 8/15/2011
     AirForce Research Labs
     Amount: $15,500 ˜ ≠

Invited Presentations/Keynotes

Kudithipudi, Dhireesha. "Reconfigurable Memristor Fabrics." ECE Graduate Smeinar. University of Connecticut. University of Connecticut, Hartford, CT. 8 Apr. 2011. Guest Lecture. ∆

Kudithipudi, Dhireesha. "Modeling of Thin-Film Memristors and Application Domains." CNSE Graduate Seminar. CNSE. CNSE, Albany, NY. 7 Jul. 2011. Guest Lecture. ∆


Kudithipudi, Dhireesha. Dynamically Reconfigurable Computational Fabrics using Memristors. By Cory Merkel. 25 Mar. 2011. Center for Electronic Imaging Systems, Rochester. Exhibit. ∆

2012 Submissions

Book Chapter

Kudithipudi, Dhireesha and Cory Merkel. "Reconfigurable Memristor Fabrics for Heterogeneous Computing." Advances in Neuromorphic Memristor Science & Applications. NY, Manhattan: Springer eBook, 2012. 89-105. Print. ∆

Kudithipudi, Dhireesha, Ayse Coskun, and Qinru Qiu. "Thermal Management in Many-Core Systems." Evolutionary based solutions for green computing. NY, Manhattan: Springer, 2012. 161-185. Print. ∆

Published Conference Proceedings

Kudithipudi, Dhireesha and Ganesh Khedkar. "Reconfigurable Memristor Motifs for Mitigating Multi-Objective Security Attacks." Proceedings of the Network Science and Reconfigurable Systems for Cybersecurity Conference. Ed. ICFI. Beltsville, MD: n.p., 2012. Web. ˜

Soltiz, Mike, et al. "RRAM-based Adaptive Neural Logic Block for Implementing Non-Linearly Separable Functions in a Single Layer." Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures. Ed. IEEE/ACM. Amsterdam, Netherlands: n.p., 2012. Print. «

Merkel, Cory and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. "Towards Thermal Profiling in CMOS/Memristor Hybrid RRAM Architectures." Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on VLSI Design. Ed. IEEE. Hyderabad, India: n.p., 2012. Print. «

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Tavva, Sreeharsha and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. “Variation tolerant 9T SRAM cell design.” Proceedings of the 20th symposium on Great lakes symposium on VLSI (GLSV LSI ‘10). 16-18 May 2010. 55-60. Web. † «

Amarchinta, Sumanth and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. “Performance enhancement of subthreshold circuits using substrate biasing and charge-boosting buffers.” Proceedings of the 20th symposium on Great lakes symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI ‘10). 16-18 May 2010. 369-372. Web. † «

Amarchinta, Sumanth and Dhireesha Kudithipudi. “Ultra Low Energy Standard Cell Design Optimization For Performance and Placement Algorithm.” IEEE International Green Computing Conference. 15-18 August 2010. 509-517. Web. † *

Kwasinski, A., and D. Kudithipudi. “Towards integrated circuit thermal profiling for reduced power consumption: Evaluation of distributed sensing techniques.” IEEE International Green Computing Conference. 15-18 August 2010. 503-507. Print. *

Formal Presentation

Kudithipudi, Dhireesha. “Lightweight Energy Prediction Filters for Solar-Powered Wireless Sensor Networks.” 6th International Workshop on Unique Chips and Systems. Atlanta, GA. 4-8 December 2010. Presentation.