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Scholarly Works

Gregory Babbitt
Assistant Professor

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Ryen, E, et al. "Community Ecology Perspectives on the Structural and Functional Evolution of Consumer Electronics." Journal of Industrial Ecology. (2013): 10. Print. *

Babbitt, G.A., C.A. Hanzlik, and K.N. Busse. "Observing Fluorescent Probes in Living Cells Using a Low Cost LED Flashlight Retrofitted to a Common Vintage Light Microscope." Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education 14.1 14. 1 (2013): 121-124. Web. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Alawad, M. and G.A. Babbitt. "Codon Bias and the Multiplexing of Genetic and Structural Information in DNA." Proceedings of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution. Ed. Sudhir Kumar. Chicago, Il: n.p., 2013. Print. *

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Babbitt, Gregory A and Schulze Katharina V. "Codons Support the Maintenance of Intrinsic DNA Polymer Flexibility Over Evolutionary Timescales." Genome Biology and Evolution 4. 9 (2012): 870-881. Web. * £ †

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Kim Y., J.H. Lee, and G.A. Babbitt. “The enrichment of TATA box and the scarcity of depleted-proximal-nucleosome in the promoters of duplicated yeast genes.” Journal of Molecular Evolution, 70.1 (2010): 69-73. Print. «

Babbitt, G.A., M.Y. Tolstorukov, and Y. Kim. “The molecular evolution of nucleosome positioning through sequence-dependent deformation of the DNA polymer. Special issue - current perspective in nucleosome positioning.” Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 27.6 (2010): 765-780. Print. «

Babbitt, G.A. “Relaxed Selection Against Accidental Blinding of Transcription Factors with Conserved Chromatin Contexts.” GENE, 466 (2010): 43-48. Print.

Babbitt G.A. and C.R. Cotter. “Functional conservation of nucleosome formation selectively biases presumably neutral molecular variation in yeast genomes.” Genome Biology and Evolution, (2010): n.p. Web.