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Gregory Babbitt
Assistant Professor

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Kim Y., J.H. Lee, and G.A. Babbitt. “The enrichment of TATA box and the scarcity of depleted-proximal-nucleosome in the promoters of duplicated yeast genes.” Journal of Molecular Evolution, 70.1 (2010): 69-73. Print. «

Babbitt, G.A., M.Y. Tolstorukov, and Y. Kim. “The molecular evolution of nucleosome positioning through sequence-dependent deformation of the DNA polymer. Special issue - current perspective in nucleosome positioning.” Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 27.6 (2010): 765-780. Print. «

Babbitt, G.A. “Relaxed Selection Against Accidental Blinding of Transcription Factors with Conserved Chromatin Contexts.” GENE, 466 (2010): 43-48. Print.

Babbitt G.A. and C.R. Cotter. “Functional conservation of nucleosome formation selectively biases presumably neutral molecular variation in yeast genomes.” Genome Biology and Evolution, (2010): n.p. Web.