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Joel Kastner

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Kastner, Joel H., et al. "The GALEX Nearby Young-Star Survey." Astrophysical Journal 774. 2 (2014): 22. Print. *

Kastner, Joel H., et al. "The Structure of the Evolved Circumbinary Disk around V4046 Sgr." Astrophysical Journal 775. 2 (2014): 14-28. Print. *

Freeman, M., et al. "The Chandra Planetary Nebula Survey (CHANPLANS). II. X-Ray Emission from Compact Planetary Nebulae." The Astrophysical Journal 794. 2 (2014): 13. Web. «

Kastner, Joel H., et al. "Unbiased Millimeter-wave Line Surveys of TW Hya and V4046 Sgr: The Enhanced C2H and CN Abundances of Evolved Protoplanetary Disks." The Astrophysical Journal 793. 1 (2014): 12. Web. «

Principe, David A, et al. "ar Formation in Orion's L1630 Cloud: An Infrared and Multi-epoch X-Ray Study." The Astrophysical Journal Supplement 213. 1 (2014): 31. Web. «

Aleman, I.,, et al. "Herschel Planetary Nebula Survey (HerPlaNS). First detection of OH+ in Planetary Nebulae." Astronomy & Astrophysics 566. 1 (2014): 9. Web. «

Sacco, G.G., et al. "Molecules in the transition disk orbiting T Chamaeleontis." Astronomy & Astrophysics 561. (2014): 8. Web. *

Book Chapter

Audard, M., et al. "Episodic Accretion in Young Stars." Protostars and Planets VI. Ed. Henrik Beuther, et al. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press, 2014. 387-410. Print. £

2013 Submissions

Invited Paper

Montez, Rodolfo and Joel H. Kastner. "The Secret X-ray Lives of Planetary Nebulae." Newsletter of NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. (2013). Web. ∆

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Teets, William K., et al. "Detection of a Cool, Accretion-shock-generated X-Ray Plasma in EX Lupi during the 2008 Optical Eruption." The Astrophysical Journal 760. (2012) Print. *

Espinosa, Martin Huarte, et al. "From Bipolar to Elliptical: Simulating the Morphological Evolution of Planetary Nebulae." Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 424. 3 (2012): 2055-2068. Print. *

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Öberg, Karin I., et al. "Disk Imaging Survey of Chemistry with SMA. II. Southern Sky Protoplanetary Disk Data and Full Sample Statistics." The Astrophysical Journal 734. 2 (2011): 98. Print. *

Rodriguez, David R., et al. "A New Method to Identify Nearby, Young, Low-mass Stars." The Astrophysical Journal 727. 2 (2011): 1-27. Print. *

Donati, J.-F., et al. "The close classical T Tauri binary V4046 Sgr: complex magnetic fields and distributed mass accretion." Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society 417. 3 (2011): 1747-1759. Print. *

Teets, William K., et al. "X-Ray Production by V1647 Ori during Optical Outbursts." Astrophysical Journal 741. 2 (2011): 83-. Print. *

Kastner, Joel H., et al. "GSC 07396-00759 = V4046 Sgr C[D]: A Wide-separation Companion to the Close T Tauri Binary System V4046 Sgr AB." Astrophysical Journal Letters 740. 1 (2011): L17-. Print. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Teets, William K., et al. "Are X-Rays Produced by V1647 Ori During Optical Outbursts Generated by Accretion?" Proceedings of the 217th AAS Meeting. Seattle, WA: n.p., 2011. Print. *

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Perlman, E.S. C.A. Padgett, Georganopoulos, D.M. Worrall, J.H. Kastner, Franz, Birkinshaw, Dulwich, C.P. O’Dea, S.A. Baum, W.B. Sparks, J.A. Biretta, L. Lara, Jester, Martel. “A Multi-wavelength Spectral and Polarimetric Study of the Jet of 3C264.” Astrophysical Journal, 708 (2010): 171. Print. † £

Kastner, J.H., C.L. Buchanan, R. Sahai, W.J. Forrest, B.A. Sargent. “The Dusty Circumstellar Disks of B[e] Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds.” Astronomical Journal,139 (2010): 1993-2002. Print. † £

Hamaguchi, K., N. Grosso, J.H. Kastner, D.A. Weintraub, M. Richmond, Suzaku. “Observation of Strong Fluorescent Iron Line Emission from the Young Stellar Object V1647 ORI During its New X-ray Outburst.” Astrophysical Journal Letter, 714 (2010): L16-L20. Print. £

Antonini, F., R. Montez, J.H. Kastner, H.E. Bond, N. Soker, R. Tylenda, S. Starrfield, E, Behar. “XMM-Newton Detection of a Transient X-ray Source in the Vicinity of V838 Monocerotis.” Astrophysical Journal, 717 (2010): 795-802. Print. † £

J.H., R. Montez, D. Rodriguez, N. Grosso, Zuckerman, M.D. Perrin, T. Forveille, J.R. Graham. “Chandra X-ray Detection of the Enigmatic Field Star BP Psc.” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 719 (2010): L65-L68. Print. † £

Rodriguez, D., J.H. Kastner, D.J. Wilner, Qi. “Imaging the Molecular Disk Orbiting the Twin Young Suns of V4046 Sgr.” Astrophysical Journal, 720 (2010): 1684-1690. Print. £

Montez, R., O. De Marco, J.H. Kastner, Y. Chu. “X-ray Emission from the Binary Central Stars of the Planetary Nebulae HFG 1, DS 1, and LoTr 5.” Astrophysical Journal, 721 (2010): 1820-1828. Print. † £

Grosso, N., K. Hamaguchi, J.H. Kastner, M. Richmond, D.A. Weintraub. “A few days before the end of the 2008 extreme outburst of EX Lupi: accretion shocks and a smothered stellar corona unveiled by XMM-Newton.” Astronomy & Astrophysics, 522 (2010): n.p. Print. £

Kastner, J.H., Hily-Blant, G.G. Sacco, T. Forveille, Zuckerman. “Detection of a Molecular Disk Orbiting the Nearby, ‘old,’ Classical T Tauri Star MP Muscae.” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 723 (2010): L248-L251. Print. †£