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Scholarly Works

Jeffrey Rogers
Associate Professor

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Rogers, Jeff. "Can Facility Managers Impact the Expected Budgetary Outcomes of Robust Asset Management Programs." Facilities 31. 1 (2013): 56-67. Web. *

Rogers, Jeff, Jenifer Schneider, and Frank Radio. "Fall Fatality Rate by Managing Risk Associated with Working at Heights." International Journal of Facility Management 4. 1 (2013): 1-13. Web. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Rogers, Jeff, et al. "Integrated Municipal Sanitation Systems for Efficient Management of Public Water and Sanitation Services." Proceedings of the 2013 International Annual Conference of the American Society of Engineering Management. Ed. ASEM. Minneapolis, MN: n.p., 2013. Web. *

2012 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Rogers, Jeffrey W. and Yixuan Li. "A Comparative Study of the Role of Hospitals within Regional Disaster Response and Recovery." Proceedings of the IFMA's World Workplace. Ed. Monica Grinage Cooper. San Antonio, TX: n.p., 2012. Web. ∆

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Rogers, Jeffrey W. "The Importance of the Online-Community to Current and Future Facility Managers." International Journal of Facility Management 2. 1 (2011): 1-2. Web. ˆ

Published Conference Proceedings

Rogers, Jeffrey W. and John Morelli. "Civil City: A 21st Century Paradigm." Proceedings of the ICSDC 2011. Ed. Kai Kiong Oswald. Kansas City, MO: ASCE Publications, 2011. Web. *