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Scholarly Works

Leslie Kate Wright
Assistant Professor

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wright, L. Kate, J. Nick Fisk, and Dina L Newman. "DNA → RNA: What Do Students Think the Arrow Means?" CBE-Life Sciences Education 13. 2 (2014): 338-348. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Wright, L.Kate and Dina L. Newman. "Confusion Surrounding the Synthesis of Macromolecules From Building Blocks: A Crucial Gap Revealed." 4th Annual Society for Advancement of Undergraduate Education Conference. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, MN. Minneapolis, MN. 17-20 Jul. 2014. Conference Presentation. *

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wright, L. Kate, et al. "Online Reading Informs Classroom Instruction and Promotes Collaborative Learning." Journal of College Science Teaching 43. 2 (2013): 44-53. Print. *

Wright, L. Kate, et al. "Dual Orientation of the Outer Membrane Lipoprotein P6." Journal of Bacteriology 195. 14 (2013): 3252-9. Print. *

Wright, L. Kate and Dina L. Newman. "A PCR-Based Laboratory Exercise That Increases Student Understanding of Central Dogma Concepts." Journal of Biology and Microbiology Education. 14. 1 (2013): 93-100. Print. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Wright, L. Kate, et al. "Lessons Learned from the First Year Implementation of a Two-Track Reformed Introductory Biology Course." Proceedings of the National Associations of Biology Teachers Research Symposium. Ed. Teddie Phillipson-Mower. Atlanta, GA: n.p., 2013. Web. «

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wright, Leslie Kate, et al. "Dimethyl Sulfoxide Exposure Modulates HL-60 Cell Rolling Interactions." Bioscience Reports 32. (2012): 375-82. Print. *

Wright, L. Kate, Christina Catavero, and Dina L. Newman. "Students Fail to Transfer Knowledge of Chromosome Structure to Topics Pertaining to Cell Division." CBE Life Sciences Education 11. 4 (2012): 425-436. Print. *

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wright, L. Kate and Dina L. Newman. "An Interactive Modeling Lesson Increases Student Understanding of Ploidy During Meiosis." Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 39. 5 (2011): 344-51. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Wright, L. Kate, Chistina Catevaro, and Dina L. Newman. "Why Undergraduate Biology Majors Miss the Concept of Homologous Chromosomes." Society for Advancement of Undergraduate Education conference, 1st Annual Conference. Society for Advancement of Undergraduate Education (SABER). University of Minnesota East campus, Minneapolis, MN. 29-31 Jul. 2011. Conference Presentation. £

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Newman, D. L., L.K. Wright, and H.C. Sweet. “A structured undergraduate research program that trains and prepares students for post-graduate education and scientific careers.” Proceedings of the International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, 2010. 5010-5019. Print. *