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Scholarly Works

Michael Schrlau
Assistant Professor

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Orynbayeva, Z, et al. "Physiological Validation of Cell Health Upon Probing with Carbon Nanotube Endoscope and its Benefit for Cell Interrogation." Nanomedicine. (2012): 1-10. Print. £

Nui, J.J., et al. "Carbon Nanotube-tipped Endoscope for in Situ Intracellular Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy." Small 7. (2011): 540-545. Print. £

Singhal, R., et al. "Multifunctional Nanotube-based Cellular Endoscopes." Nature Nanotechnology 6. (2011): 57-64. Print. £

Book Chapter

Schrlau, M. G. "Carbon Nanotube-based Sensors." Comprehensive Biomaterials, Elsevier. tbd, tbd: In Review, 2011. 1-10. Print. ∆

Schrlau, M. G. and H. H. Bau. "Probing Cells with Nanotechnology." Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Handbook: Fabrication, Implementation and Applications,. Florence, KY: Taylor and Francis, LLC, 2011. 1-10. Print. ∆

2012 Submissions

Book Chapter

Schrlau, Michael and Masoud Golshadi. "Carbon Nanostructures in Biomedical Applications." Carbon Nanomaterials. Ed. RĂ¼diger Klingeler and Robert B. Sim. Heidelberg, Germany: Elsevier, 2012. Print. ∆

Published Conference Proceedings

Golshadi, Masoud and Michael Schrlau. "Template-Based Synthesis of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays for Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Applications." Proceedings of the 222th Electrochemical Society Fall 2012 Meeting (PRIME). Ed. ECS. Honolulu, HI: n.p., 2012. Print. * £

Hensel, Nicholas and Michael Schrlau. "Computer Controlled Actuation of Micro-Manipulator via Serial Port with MATLAB GUI." Proceedings of the 34th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC'12). San Diego, CA: n.p., 2012. Print. £