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Scholarly Works

Marla Schweppe

2011 Submissions


Schweppe, Marla projection-designer. Poetry Reading: Hands, Eyes, and Voices. Dir. John Roche. 7 May 2011. RIT 07-A30, Rochester. Performance. £

Schweppe, Marla cast. Is There Life After High School? Dirs. James Simmons and Ed Schell musical director. Mar. 2011. 220 Winton Rd. S., Rochester, NY. Performance. £

Schweppe, Marla projection-designer. Danser et Voler. Chor. Thomas Warfield. Feb. 2011. Panara Theatre, Rochester, NY. Performance. £

Schweppe, Marla set-and-projection-designer. Exit the King. Dir. Jerry Argetsinger. Feb. 2011. RIT Players, Rochester, NY. Performance. £

Journal Paper

Schweppe, Marla and Joe Geigel. "Live Theatre on a Virtual Stage: Incorporating Soft Skills and Teamwork in Computer Graphics Education." IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 31. 1 (2011): 85-89. Print. ∆

Geigel, Joe and Marla Schweppe. "Adapting a Virtual World for Theatrical Performance." IEEE Computer: Special Issue on Computing and the Arts 44. 12 (2011): 33-38. Print. ∆

Geigel, Joe. "Motion Capture for Real-Time Control of Virtual Actors in Live, Distributed, Theatrical Performances." IEEE Conference on Automatic Facial and Gesture Recognition. (2011): 774-779. Print. *

2010 Submissions


Schweppe, Marla. “Sleeping Beauty Projections.” Panara Theatre, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. 11- 14 Feb. 2010. Theater Projections. †

Schweppe, Marla. “The Visit by Durrenmatt.” Lab Theatre, National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. 15 - 18 April 2010. Theater Design Sets and Projections. †

Schweppe, Marla. Design scenery and projections for Facing East, Booth Hall, June 2010. Projections. † ≠

Schweppe, Marla. SIGGRAPH SpaceTime Interactive. Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA. 25-30 July 2010. Curator. †≠