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Scholarly Works

Michael Laver
Associate Professor

2016 Submissions

Published Review

Brown, Michael. Rev. of DIY Detroit: Making Do in a City without Services, by Kinder, KImberley. Consumption Markets & Culture 2016: 1-3. Print.

Brown, Michael. "“Politics of Style, Politics As Style.”." Rev. of Feast of Excess: A Cultural History of the New Sensibility (George Cotkin); Dressing for the Culture Wars (Betty Hillman); and Born to Be Wild (Randy D. McBee), by George, Cotkin, Betty Hillman, and Randy McBee. Reviews in American History 44 2016: 653-660. Print.

Invited Paper

Brown, Michael. "“Conceptualizing Public Intellectuals from the Vantage Point of Public History.”." Public Intellectuals Conference. (2016). Print. ∆


Brown, Michal. When Rochester Was Royal: Professional Basketball in Rochester 1945-1957. By Rebecca Edwards and Juilee Decker. Mar. 2016. Rochester Institute of Technology, Sunken Gallery, Rochester, NY. Exhibit. ˜

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Laver, Michael. "Butter Diplomacy: Food and Drink as a Social Lubricant in Dutch East India Company Trade with Japan." Education About Asia. Spring (2012): 5-8. Print. *

Laver, Michael. "Skins in the Game: The Dutch East India Company, Deerskins, and the Japan Trade." World History Bulletin 28:2. Fall (2012): 13-16. Print. *

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

Laver, Michael. “Through a Glass Darkly: Christianity and the Politics of Control in Tokugawa Japan.” Sustainable Asia: Challenges and Opportunities. 38th Annual Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies Conference. State College, PA. 23 Oct. 2010. Presentation.

Laver, Michael. “Gift-giving and the Politics of Legitimacy in Tokugawa Japan.” 59th Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs. Columbus, OH. 30 Oct. 2010. Presentation.