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Scholarly Works

Maria Helguera
Associate Professor

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Baum, Karl G., Gary Menezes, and Maria Helguera. "Simulation of High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Images on the IBM Blue Gene/L Supercomputer Using SIMRI." International Journal of Biomedical Imaging. (2011): 1-8. Print. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Helguera, Maria and Joseph Pow. "A Project-Based Pedagogy for Technical Education Among First-Year College Students." Proceedings of the International Technology, Education and Development Conference. Valencia, Spain: n.p., 2011. Print. *

Pow, Joseph and Maria Helguera. "A Project-Based Pedagogy for First Year College Students in Imaging Science." Proceedings of the 1st Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC). Ewing, NJ: n.p., 2011. Print. *

Vaidya, Kunal, et al. "High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging and Characterization of Biofilms." Proceedings of the IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium, Ultrasonics. Orlando, FL: n.p., 2011. Print. *

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Pow, J., R. Callens, M. Helguera. “The Effectiveness Of Research Internships For Recruiting High School Students Into Specialized Technical Degree Programs.” Proceedings of the INTED2010 Conference, International Association of Technology, Education and Development, March 2010. n.p. Print.