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Scholarly Works

Manlu Liu
Assistant Professor

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Duncan, Jonathon, June Wei, and Manlu Liu. "Strategic and Tactical Electronic Business Solutions in Pharmacies and Drug Stores." International Journal of Services and Standards (B-). (2013): 193-213. Print. £

Fan, Shaokun, et al. "A Framework for the Transformation of Conceptual to Logical Workflow Models." Decision Support Systems and Electronic Commerce. (2012). Print. £

Liu, Manlu, Harry Jiannan Wang, and J Leon Zhao. "Technology Flexibility as Enabler of Robust Application Development in Community Source." Journal of Systems and Software. (2012). Print. £

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Manlu, Liu, Xiaobo Wu, J. Leon Zhao, and Ling Zhu. “Outsourcing of Community Source: Identifying Motivations and Benefits.” Journal of Global Information Management, 18.4 (2010): 36-52. Print. «