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Scholarly Works

Parsian Katal Mohseni

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Song, Yi, et al. "Ultra-high Aspect Ratio InP Junctionless FinFETs by a Novel Wet Etching Method." IEEE Electron Device Letters 37. (2016): 970-973. Print. *

Qu, Jiangtao, et al. "Direct Observation of Dopants Distribution and Diffusion in GaAs Planar Nanowires with Atom Probe Tomography." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8. (2016): 26244-26250. Web. *

Kong, Lingyu, et al. "Evidences for Rredox Reaction Driven Charge Transfer and Mass Transport in Metal-assisted Chemical Etching of silicon." Scientific Reports - Nature 6. (2016): 36582-13. Web. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Li, Xiuling, et al. "III-V Nanowires and Nano fins: Growth, Etching, and Devices." Proceedings of the International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials. Ed. S. Iwamoto. Tskuba, Ibaraki, Japan: n.p., Print.

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Liu, Runyu, et al. "Enhanced Optical Transmission through MacEtch-Fabricated Buried Metal Gratings." Advanced Materials. (2015): Not listed at time of submission. Web. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Mohseni, Parsian K. "Solar Cells and Light Emitting Diodes via Wafer-Scale Monolithic Integration of III-V Semiconductor Nanowire Arrays on Si and Graphene." 39th IEEE EDS Activities in Western New York Conference. IEEE. Rochester, NY. 6 Nov. 2015. Conference Presentation.