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Scholarly Works

Ponnathpur Mukund

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

Mukund, P.R. Luncheon Keynote Speech, IEEE International System on a Chip Conference (SOCC). Las Vegas, NV. 27-29 Sept. 2010. Presentation.

Published Article

Urban, C., J.E. Moon and P.R. Mukund. “Designing Bulk-Driven MOSFETs for Ultra-Low-Voltage Analogue Applications.” Semiconductor Science and Technology, 25.11 (2010): 115011. Web. † ≠ *

Pude, M., P.R. Mukund, P. Singh, K. Paradis, and J. Burleson. “Amplifier Gain Enhancement with Positive Feedback.” 53rd IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 1-4 August 2010. 981-984. Web. † ≠ *

Bohannon, E., C. Urban, M. Pude, Y. Nishi, A. Gopalan, and P.R. Mukund. “Passive and Active Reduction Techniques for On-Chip High-Frequency Digital Power Supply Noise.” IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, 18.1 (2010): 157-161. Print. † ≠ *