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Steven Weinstein

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Close, T., et al. "Rapid Reversible Oxygen Scavenging at Room Temperature with Electrochemically-Reduced Titanium Oxide Nanotubes." Nature Nanotechnology 10. (2015): 418-422. Print. *

Dichiara, A. B., S. J. Weinstein, and R. E. Rogers. "On the Choice of Batch or Fixed-Bed Adsorption Processes for Wastewater Treatment." Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 54. (2015): 8579-8586. Print. *

Barlow, N. S., et al. "Analytic Continuation of the Virial Series Through the Critical Point Using Parametric approximants." Journal of Chemical Physics 143. 7 (2015): 071103-1 to -5. Print. *

Barlow, Nathaniel S., Brian T. Helenbrook, and Steven J. Weinstein. "Algorithm for Spatio-temporal Analysis of the Signalling Problem." IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 82. (2017): 1-32. Print. *

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lee, S. H., et al. "Gravity-driven Instability of a Thin Liquid Film Underneath a Soft Solid." Physical Review E 90. (2014): 1-9. Print. £

Stevens, Robert J., Steven J. Weinstein, and Karuna S. Koppula. "Theoretical Limits of Thermoelectric Power Generation from Exhaust Gases." Applied Energy 133. (2014): 80-88. Print. £

Dichiara, Anthony B., et al. "Free-Standing Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Hybrid Papers as Next Generation Absorbents." Nanoscale 6. (2014): 6322-6327. Print. £

Barlow, Nate S., et al. "Critical Isotherms from Virial Series Using Asymptotically Consistent Approximants." AIChE Journal 60. 9 (2014): 3336-3349. Print. ∆

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Sandoz-Rosado, E. J., S. J. Weinstein, and R. J. Stevens. "On the Thomson Effect in Thermoelectric Devices." International Journal of Thermal Sciences 66. (2013): 1-7. Print. *

Ruschak, K. J. and S. J. Weinstein. "A Local Power-law Approximation to a Smooth Viscosity Curve with Application to Flow in Conduits and Coating Dies." Polymer Engineering and Science 5. 10 (2014): 2301-2309. Print. *

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Barlow, N S, et al. "An Asymptotically Consistent Approximant Method With Application to Soft and Hard-sphere Fluids." Journal of Chemical Physics 137. (2012): 204102-1 to -13. Print. £

Barlow, N.S., S.J. Weinstein, and B.T. Helenbrook. "On The Response of Spatially Developing Flow to Oscillatory Forcing With Application to Liquid Sheets." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 699. (2012): 115-152. Print. £

Shetty, S., K.J. Ruschak, and S.J. Weinstein. "Model for a Two-Cavity Coating Die with Pressure and Temperature Deformation." Polymer Engineering & Science 52. 6 (2012): 1173-1182. Print. £

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Rogers, R. E., et al. "Solution-phase Adsorption of 1-pyrenebutyric Acid Using Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes." Chemical Engnieering Journal 173. 1 (2011): 486-493. Print. £

Norton, M. M., R. J. Robinson, and S. J. Weinstein. "Model of Ciliary Clearance and the Role of Mucus Rheology." Physical Review E 83. 1.1:011921 (2011): 1-12. Print. £

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Barlow, N. S., B.T. Helenbrook, S.P. Lin and S.J. Weinstein. “An Interpretation of absolutely and convectively unstable waves using series solutions.” Wave Motion, 47.8 (2010): 564-582. Print. *

Theisen, E. A., M. Davis, S.J. Weinstein and P.H. Steen. “Transient behavior of the planar-flow melt spinning process.” Chemical Engineering Science, 65.10 (2010): 3249–3259. Web. *

Oakes, J. M., S. Day, S.J. Weinstein and R.J. Robinson. “Flow field analysis in expanding healthy and emphyematous alveolar models using particle image velocimetry.” Journal of Biomechical Engineering, 132.2 (2010): 1-9. Web. *