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Brendan John, AISES Treasurer Logan Herrick, NASA President Alicia Lazore

Brendan John, Treasurer - AISES and NASA

Brendan John

I am affiliated with the Seneca Nation of the Iroquois Confederacy. I am from Salamanca, NY which is located on one of the Seneca Nation Indian reservations. I am a third year undergrad majoring in Computer Science, and I am currently the Treasurer of two FSP affiliated programs, AISES and NASA.

I will soon be starting work on the Seneca Language Revitalization Program(SLRP) in part with the Seneca Nation. This program is currently putting together a online English to Seneca dictionary. I also am a volunteer at the Seneca Iroquois National Museum in my hometown of Salamanca. Over the Summer I spent about 140 hours cataloging books into a card catalog and organizing them on shelves for easy access.

FSP provides a lot of career based benefits via job fairs, visiting companies or resume reviews. One way they helped me specifically was connected me with the SLRP program to which I will soon be working on. Without FSP I may not have been involved in this program despite it being in my field and based off my culture. It also provides a lot of relief from all things academic, events organized involve meeting new people and finding ways to avoid some of the stress of schoolwork.

Logan Herrick, President - NASA, Vice President - AISES

Logan Herrick

I am a 4th year Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Technology student from the Seneca Nation of Indians (Allegheny Reservation).

FSP really helps you get in touch with people you can relate to, and offers a really strong support network. Extremely helpful in connecting students with employers. Personally, I probably wouldn't be at RIT if FSP hadn't shown me around before I applied. With their help, I was able to obtain a Co-op with NASA at their Langley Research Center.

Alicia Lazore, Enivironmental Sustainability, Health and Safety Major

Alicia Lazore

I am St. Regis Mohawk from Syracuse, NY and a 4th year Environmental Sustainability, Health & Safety undergraduate. I am a member of AISES and NASA and have served as treasurer, vice president and president with the clubs.

Through FSP I have been connected with some incredible opportunities! Each year I have been lucky enough to attend the AISES National Conference, which has afforded me the opportunity to travel to new places (my first plane ride) and network with students and other professionals across the country. In the summer of 2012, I participated in the NASA Langley Aerospace Research Student Scholars Program (LARSS) and in the 2013 summer, I conducted research in water quality at the Las Cruces Biological Field Station in Costa Rica with the Native American Pacific Islander Research Experience (NAPIRE).

FSP has supported me throughout my journey at RIT and I am so thankful for the faculty, staff, and students that I have met.

    Nations Represented By Current FSP Scholars

    • Algonquin
    • Abenaki
    • Blackfoot
    • Cayuga
    • Cherokee
    • Choctaw
    • Cree
    • Lumbee
    • Mohawk
    • Missiquoi
    • Navajo
    • Ojibwe
    • Oglala Sioux
    • Oneida
    • Onondaga
    • Potawatomi
    • Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
    • Seneca
    • Shawnee
    • Sioux
    • Tuscarora
    • Tlingit

    FSP Graduates For the 2012-2013 Academic Year

    FSP Graduation 2011
    • Luis Bobadilla Sotelo,, Game Des & Dev (MS)
    • Marc Brigham, Information Technology (BS)
    • Taylor Deer, Management (BS)
    • Renee Demott, Human Resource Dev (MS)
    • Amy DeSantis, Physician Assistant (BS)
    • Amanda Dunn, ASL-Eng Interpretation (BS)
    • Horace Edington, Human Resource Dev (MS)
    • Ramon Garcia Perez, Software Engineering (MS)
    • Chris Guillereault, Civil Engineering Tech (BS)
    • Robert Jimerson, Information Technology (MS)
    • Brad Johnson, New Media Design Imaging(BFA)
    • Benjamin Parker, Appl & Comp Math (MS)
    • Crystal Peloquin, ASL-Eng Interpretation (BS)
    • John Perez Pherett, 3D Digital Graphics (BFA)
    • Hillary Rodgers, Psychology (BS)
    • Erroyl Rolle, Graphic Design (BFA)
    • Marc Schoenfeld, Software Engineering (BS)
    • Claire Smith, Biomed Photographic Comm (BS)
    • Cyprian Tayrien, Computer Science (MS)
    • Dakota Tiger, Biomedical Sciences (BS)
    • Chad Williams, Interdisciplinary Studies (BS)
    • Brandon Zerbe, Management Info Systems (BS)