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Collaborative Projects

RIT is dedicated to partnering with Native American commiunities to develop projects that connect culture, community and technology with faculty. Listed below are some of our ongoing projects.

Native American Outreach Day
Native American Outreach Day 2015 We work with Tribal education coordinators and with schools that have high concentrations of Native American students to provide information about the college application and financial aid process. NAOD provides students with an understanding about the college experience and academic majors. NAOD takes place each year the day before Imagine RIT and brings approximately 40 Native scholars to campus.

Please contact Nicole Scott if you are interested in participating in this year's program on May 6th, 2016.

Symposium on American Indian Languages (SAIL) - Accepting abstracts for April 22nd, 2016 meeting.
SAIL 2015 An annual conference that occurs in each April and started in 2014, SAIL brings together scholars, members of the indigenous community, native speakers, educators and language activists who are interested in sharing experiences and best practices on topics related to language documentation, conservation and revitalization. It provides a forum for the exchange of scholarly research on descriptive and/or theoretical linguistics focusing on American Indian languages.

Seneca Language Revitalization Project
SAIL 2015 Combining linguistics with computer science the Seneca Language Revitalization Project works to enhance usability of the Seneca language through a series of educational programs that will build capacity among tribe members. The core component of the project is a comprehensive, web-based, interactive Seneca language dictionary and reference guide.

Collection on American Indian Languages and Field Linguistics
American Indian Languages and Field Linguistics Library Logo Director: Wilson Silva, Student Assistant: Daniel Krull
The collection contains over two thousand materials, including books, journals, unpublished manuscripts , theses and dissertations on indigenous languages of the Americas. Among these books is a significant number that are rare and some of these are found in few if any other libraries. The catalogue for the collection can be found here: https://cail.librarika.com/search/alphabetical

Iroquois White Corn Project at Ganondagan
Iroquois White Corn Logo RIT worked with community partners to help re-establish the Iroquois White Corn Project at Ganondagan State Historic Site. The Iroquois White Corn Project grows, processes, and sells our heirloom corn and creates programs for nutrition, community, and education in order to support Ganondagan, the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations), and the friends of both. White corn was farmed by the Iroquois for more than 11,000 years, but was abandoned by the Europeans who settled in the "new world" in favor of sweet corn. Today less than a total of 75 acres of land are dedicated worldwide to the growth of white corn.