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2/24/2015 Public Speaking Workshop by RIT Tiger Tales Toastmasters

10 - 11 a.m. Public Speaking Workshop by RIT Tiger Tales Toastmasters ~ SAU Room 1510 (Also known as the 1829 room) 

Present With Power  (Workshop)

 “I want to give a boring presentation today,” said no one ever! But chances are most presentations that you attend in your life will miss the mark. This raises a question;   if no one ever sets out to give a terrible presentation, then how do you explain the reality that most presentations don’t make the cut? Nancy Duarte, a presentation expert says, “It has become the cultural norm to write presentations as reports. Reports should be distributed; presentations should be presented!” How do you ensure that your next presentation is not a read-along?


The good news is that you don’t have to wait for years before you start eliminating common pitfalls and set yourself apart. This short workshop will get you started on your journey to presentation success.  This workshop will address the three elements of developing powerful presentations: Structure, Visual Story, and Delivery.


Structure:  Building your message on a solid structure that flows logically and 

keeps your listeners engaged.

Visual Story:  Designing your visual content to help your audience get it.

Delivery:   Avoiding common delivery mistakes and setting yourself apart from majority of the presenters.​

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