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GCCIS Capstone Project Club

The following club is specifically for students in GCCIS but is a group that could be formed in any of the colleges.   If you are interested in a similar group starting in your college please contact me at

This is a student run group, led by students, for students.  

The Capstone Project Club

Have you picked your capstone idea already? Still trying to figure out which faculty could support your idea? Do you have a committee already?
Have you already wrote you pre-proposal? Do you want to know more about faculty research projects and interests that might embrace your idea? Do you want to have feedback for your project or thesis ideas?

We are a club of students who are willing to benefit from a common goal. We are seeking guidance, sharing our discoveries and mainly support from each to achieve the completion of a challenging task such is the capstone project or thesis completion. We will help each other as a group, and also have some fun in the process!

Meetings will happen weekly and we will invite faculty to do brief 10-minute presentations about their research projects and topics of interest. We will also have brief presentations presented by group members and invited guests. Meeting agenda will also evolve to accommodate the members' needs.

Right now we are inviting students exclusively from Golisano College of Computing so we can be specific about our research subjects. If you are interested or want to hear a little bit more about it please fill out the form below.  We will be sending out a doodle poll to those who respond to find out the best day of the week to hold meetings. 

We will get back to you as soon as we have confirmed our first meeting date and hour.

Eduardo "Rabbit"

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