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Save the Date For the 2017 RIT Graduate Research Symposium and Showcase

February 20 - February 24th



The 7th Annual RIT Graduate Research and Creativity Symposium

Thank you for everyone who came out for the 2015 7th annual Graduate Research and Creativity Symposium.

It was a great success!

The following Awards were given to students. 

Poster Presentation Awards  $200 Each

Ryan M Bowen, Systemic Health Evaluation of Radio Frequency Power Generators Using Gaussian Mixture Models

Jam Sadiq, Upper-mass Limit of Very Massive Stars

MFA Presentation Awards $250 each

Ihab Mardini, CIAS, Plastic Glory

Patrick Kana, CIAS, Symbiosis of Natuarl Form and Material

Ph.D. Presentation Awards $250 each

Gordon Werner, CIS, Hardware Efficient Authenticated Encryption

Mustafa Koz, COE, Effect of Injection and Suction on the Interfacial Mass Transport Resistance in a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Air Channel

Honorable Mention Presentation Awards $100 Each

Brennan Ireland, COS, Binary Black Hole Inspirals: The Hybrid Metric with Spin

Steven Barber, CIS, Initial Assessment of Microbial Fuel Cells For the Treatment of Tofu Processing Waste



Here is a list of the workshops we had during Graduate Education Week 2015

Thank you to all the presenters and attendees for making this the most successful Graduate Education Week ever!


2015 Graduate Education Week Workshops


Monday February 23rd 

9-11 a.m. Critical Thinking Workshop Presented by Chip Sheffield  ~ Building 87 Room 1100 ~ 

Tuesday February 24th

10 - 11 a.m. Public Speaking Workshop Presented by the RIT Tiger Tales Toastmasters ~ SAU 1510 (The 1829 Room) 

5-7 p.m.  Graduate Student Mixer hosted by CIAS and the Office of Graduate Studies ~ Vignelli Center

Wednesday February 25th

9-11 a.m. Introduction to Grant Writing Workshop Presented by Rebecca Sumner ~ CIMS 2240/2230

2- 4 p.m. Cross-Cultural Communication in Academic and Everyday Settings Presented by Stanley Van Horn ~ USC 87-3200

Thursday February 26th

2-3:30 p.m. "Top Ten List of Things I Wish I Knew Back Then" with a focus on small business and the barriers to growth Presented by Patrick Talty ~ Campus Center 2610 (Bamboo Room)

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