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Graduate Student Success Workshop Series



The Graduate Student Success workshops are workshops sponsored by The Office of Graduate Studies, The RIT Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services and Graduate Departments across the university.  All of these workshops offer ways to become more successful as a Graduate Student.  Please note the time and location for each workshop since they are offered in different locations with different start times.  If you have any questions please contact Rauncie Ryan at

Are you a Graduate student who would like to teach a workshop?  Do you have a speciality that you think would help other students?  Contact Rauncie to set up a time and become a part of our student success workshop series. 

Workshops are limited to a specific number of students.  Please register.  If you register we ask that you please attend because there are only a certain number of seats for each workshop.  Please click on each workshop offering to register for it. 


January 22 and 23rd  Introductory Teaching Skills Workshop for Graduate Students   REGISTER HERE

Faculty: Malar Hirudayaraj, Ph.D., Torrence Sparkman Ph.D., Linda Tolan Ph.D. Sr. Associate Dean CAST, Linda Underhill, Ph.D., RD

You must be able to attend both half day sessions on Thursday, January 22, and Friday January 23rd 2015,  9:30 am -1:30 pm, LOW(12)-1135

Because of overwhelming demand we have upped the registration cap to 55 students.  We do have a few seats left for those who would like to participate.  We will also have a waiting list once we meet the 55 cap.


Friday, January 23, 2015, 2-5 pm

CIMS Room 2240

Workshop on Graduate Admissions Practices  REGISTER HERE

Professor Casey Miller, Associate Professor of Materials Science, College of Science


Purpose:  The goal of this workshop is to bring graduate programs and faculty up to date on research-based best practices in graduate admissions.  We will discuss the common parameters found in applications, including their limitations, as well as the concept of non-cognitive competencies.  The latter have been proven in numerous studies to correlate with long term success above and beyond the traditional admission metrics, yet remain underutilized in graduate admissions.   An added benefit of using these approaches is the potential to enhance diversity in graduate programs. 

  • Limitations of common admissions criteria
  • Utility of non-cognitive competencies in admissions
  • How to gauge non-cognitive competencies from admissions materials
  • Efficient assembly of admissions information

Benefits:  Attendees will learn methods for improving admissions protocols to increase screening efficiency while simultaneously increasing the probability of selecting students with the most potential to excel in research.

Target Audience:  This workshop is aimed at graduate program directors, chairs of graduate admissions committees, and graduate faculty at RIT, with focus on research-based MS and PhD programs. Registration is limited to 30 people to enable hands-on discussion of reading assignments.

Casey W. Miller joined RIT’s School of Chemistry and Materials Science as Associate Professor in Fall 2014 after seven years at the University of South Florida.  He was founding director of the American Physical Society’s Bridge Site at USF, and was Associate Director of USF’s PhD program in Applied Physics.  He graduated summa cum laude from Wittenberg University in 1999, where he was also elected to FBK. He earned his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 2003, including the Department’s Best Dissertation Award for combining Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Scanning Probe Microscopy.  His post-doctoral work at the University of California, San Diego focused on spin-electronics using MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions.  He is recipient of the prestigious NSF-CAREER and AFOSR-Young Investigator Awards.

Interpreters provided upon request, subject to availability. Please make your request by going to

February 9 - Graduate Student Table Topics  - Reading Room SAU - 5-6p.m.

The Following Workshops are part of the Graduate Education Week Series which you can find out more about HERE

Monday February 23rd

9-11 a.m. Critical Thinking Workshop by Chip Sheffield~ A Graduate Education Week Special Offering~ REGISTER HERE

Tuesday February 24th

10 - 11 a.m. Public Speaking Workshop Presented by the RIT Tiger Tales Toastmasters ~ SAU 1510 (The 1829 Room)~ REGISTER HERE

5-7 p.m.  Gradute Student Mixer hosted by CIAS and the Office of Graduate Studies ~ Vignelli Center ~ REGISTER HERE


Wednesday February 25th

9-11 a.m. Introduction to Grant Writing Workshop Presented by Rebecca Sumner ~ CIMS 2240/2230 ~ REGISTER HERE

2- 4 p.m. Cross-Cultural Commication in Academic and Everyday Settings Presented by Stanley Van Horn ~ USC 87-3200 ~ REGISTER HERE


Thursday February 26th

2-3:30 p.m. "Top Ten List of Things I Wish I Knew Back Then" with a focus on small business and the barriers to growth Presented by Patrick Talty ~ Campus Center 2610 (Bamboo Room) ~ REGISTER HERE

Friday February 27th

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 7th Annual Office of Graduate Studies Research and Creativity Symposium.  To find our more about the Symposium and to register please visit our Symposium page HERE


March 2nd - Graduate Student Table Topics   - Reading Room SAU - 5-6 p.m.

March 16th Graduate Thesis:  The Endgame! This workshop is geared toward those graduate students planning to defend a thesis or dissertation in December or May.   Library staff members will lead the workshop informing you of the requirements for submitting print and electronic copies of your final work.  They will discuss how and where to submit in print and electronically as well as where your electronic work will be available for the world to view and download! They will also discuss how to apply for an embargo of your work if necessary.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions about title pages, signatures, abstracts, costs, editing, and general guidelines.  Attending this workshop will help you understand all the steps in the process and will make a very stressful time in your graduate career proceed smoothly.- Room and time to be announced

April 17th - Developing a Personal Vision - Casey W Miller - Skalney Room - 10 - 11 a.m. 

April 27th - Graduate Student Table Topics  - Reading Room SAU 5 - 6 p.m.

May 4th - End of year Celebration  - Reading Room SAU 5-6 p.m.


The Office of Coop and Careers offers workshops for graduate students as well.  You can find those workshops by clicking here


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