Q: Is it possible to attend KOC workshops for half days or for only one week if it is a two-week workshop?
Only if you are willing to pay for the whole workshop knowing your camper will attend only part of it. The workshops are full of important information; missing time may leave the camper feeling behind.
Q: What is the Kids on Campus Email?
Q: What is the Kids on Campus Tax Identification Number?
Kids on Campus tax ID# is 16-0744140.
Q: What level of computing skill is required for programming classes?
Students of all skill levels ranging from beginners to experts are welcomed. The curriculum is designed to accommodate different skill levels. Our approach is individualized and hands-on which enables students to progress at their own pace.
Q: What if my child is too advanced for the course they signed up for?
If you find your student is not the right fit for the course, we will give them the option of a more advanced class. If no class exists, our instructors are happy to provide additional course materials to challenge students.
Q: Can students change KOC workshops once the session begins?
We discourage such changes, but we can accommodate requests for change at the camp coordinator’s discretion.
Q: What if you need to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances?
We do everything possible to see that every workshop runs. If we do have to cancel a workshop, campers can elect to be placed in another workshop or parents will be given a full refund. Workshops may be cancelled if minimum enrollment numbers are not met.
Q: My child needs to take medication during the day, can your staff dispense it?
Staff members do not dispense medication. If you are not comfortable with your child taking his/her medication, you are welcome to come dispense the medication when necessary. Please contact us if you have questions.
Q: What should I bring with me?
Be prepared with sturdy footwear suitable for walking, flip-flops are strongly discouraged. During rainy days, please bring a jacket or umbrella as we will be walking outside to go to lunch.
Q: Personal Items
Kids on Campus is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Electronic distractions (i.e. phones, tablets, handheld games, etc.) are prohibited during the workshop. If you must bring electronics, they should remain silent and stowed except during lunch breaks, morning hour, or evening hour.
Q: What is self sign-out?
Self sign-out is available, with parent permission, for campers grade 9 and up. Campers with self sign-out do not need a parent or guardian present to be dismissed from Kids on Campus at the end of the day. This makes pick-up a little more convenient, as you may wait in your car for your child to walk outside.  We station at least one staff member outside at the sidewalk to ensure students are supervised as they leave the building. You can opt to give your child, grade 9 and up, permission to self sign-out in the online Consent Agreement.
Q: What if I am absent or have to arrive late or leave early?
Please call 585.496.4562 between 8:00 and 9:00 AM to report an absence for the day. Please notify us ahead of time for late arrivals and early dismissals. Your child may be attending an activity in a different building on campus and need to be escorted to the standard pick-up location.
Q: Where should I park?
Please park in a non-reserved space in Parking Lot J.  If you are just dropping-off or picking-up your child, you may drive up to the top of Parking Lot J, close to Golisano.  In case of a parking lot closure, Parking Lot S in a close alternative. Click here to view campus maps.
Q: KOC Supervision and Dismissal Policy
KOC staff includes two camp coordinators, crew chiefs, and workshop instructors. All campers are subject to continuous supervision. Campers must remain with their workshop group (crew) at all times. Campers actively participate in a rigorous, hands-on learning experience, and must be able to work well in a group setting. There should be no behavioral concerns that might negatively impact group dynamics. KOC workshop parents will need to sign the following statement when they register: “My child performs well in school and there are no behavioral concerns that could impact on his/her ability to participate in a rigorous academic program.”

KOC reserves the right to dismiss any camper due to behaviors which preclude being able to participate safely and effectively in the KOC setting. This action will take effect after consultation with instructor, camper, and parent. Under these circumstances, no refund will be granted.